Here & Now: Full Moon Power ! (Moon in Cap, Sun in Cancer)

Are you feeling this intense energy rising these last few days? An energy coming from your core and showing you your truth.

It’s here in your front view and you are finally seeing it. The last new moon reminded us to care for ourselves, our human bodies. They are our magic spaceship on earth and it feels amazing to care for them. While caring for yourself, you’re realising a lot. You are looking at yourself in details and see what’s happening.

I take time for my own care.

Our bodies are a part of our nature. Our nature is our ground, the earth we walk on, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine supporting our health. We are earth too.

I save the planet when I care for myself.

Yes we are.

Caring for yourself is going back to your own source. It’s shredding all your skins to reveal your truth self.

This full moon is reflecting us our life habits. What is our routine? Do I enjoy it? Do I take the time for it?

Our daily life is showing us who we are. You know what you vibrate inside, expands outside, even if you’re trying to block it, it will show. The human body is vibrating without our efforts. Its energy is flowing.

I am breathing.

Caring is having the intention to allow your energy to flow freely. In other words it’s unleashing your creative self. We are creators of our life. We decide of our steps.

So everything that doesn’t feel right or supportive, is asking you to address it. When you start separating, you create confusion. Remember all is connected.

Therefore care for all aspects of your life. Do it for yourself. It’s a process of everyday observing your habits and questioning of they’re yours? Have you created them for yourself or followed the mainstream without questioning?

Shredding your skins is becoming conscious of them. Why do I do that this way?

Learn about the products you’re using, the food you’re eating. Practice different habits to experience new. Learn about your body: how you feel and experience your reality.

Now it’s time to become your own master. The one showing the way.

The moon is in capricorn, an earth sign which translate as a goat in the animal realm. Have you observed goats? Be inspired by their behaviours.

That’s how we learn; by observing our experience.


I experience, I learn.

We are leaving intense times in the world. Big changes are happening. For us as well. If you want things to change, change yourself. Change your daily habits into new ones.

Allow yourself to connect with who you are.

Realise reality is made of polarities and that you are the ship commander navigating in the multidimensionality of realities.

Life is cool when I am myself

Go back to basics (Podcast here)

How do you feed yourself?

How to you clean yourself?

How do you heal yourself?

And your home.

Be in charge.

You are the one you are looking for. Flowmads

The path is in front of you. (If you don’t know, follow the links 😉)

I love you 🙏

Océanie 😎

Link to the blog I wrote when I started to take control and change my habits. I learned a lot 😉

Picture of the path taken in a forest in Germany 😍

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