Here & Now – From the Eclipses into the Leo Season

Do you feel this fire inside?

Today, July 22nd, the moon is in Aries ♈, fire energy and the sun ingresses the house of Leo, fire energy. The Leo season starts full on fire.

Yes, fire baby!

We’ve been experiencing two eclipses with the sun in the house of Cancer ♋: the full solar eclipse/new moon and the partial lunar eclipse/full moon.

Cancer is water, cancer is home, cancer is mothering our inner baby. We’re coming from a cycle of observing/feeling how we care for ourselves. We’ve been deciding to make changes and initiated our new actions. Maybe it felt difficult, maybe some tensions rose up. It’s challenging to get out of our comfort zone.

When you change your habits, you are the actor of your transformation.

When we focus on our self care, many things come up to the surface. What we didn’t want to see before is in front of us. Well, it’s been here all along but we were making stories to stay in a state of false reality. Changing means addressing what’s here and now.

The eclipse energy is like a reset button.

Today, I do new for myself.

Today, I care deeply for myself.

Today, I create my dream self.

Now we see clearer what we need to do for ourselves and it’s time to go full on action.

Fire is expressive, fire is bright, fire is burning. (Remember Jupiter is home in sagittarius 🔥 this year too, inspiration here)

Inside of you, there is the flame of life, this inner fire needs care and support to survive and expand. We talked about it, caring from your center allows you to expand. Your inner self expresses itself outwards.

My actions are guided by my inner fire expressing itself.

Here we are, the sun is in Leo. To learn about the Leo energy, I observe lions. I invite you to bring the lion vibe into your days.

Observe & chat with what you see 😉

We are transiting from water (cancer) to fire (leo).

What does fire do to water? 🤔

Don’t you feel boiling up these few days?

I see my inner water boiled up and creating my drive for actions. This is seen in the mind as suddenly having many many thoughts. Could feel like a storm too. (Inspiration to consume this inner energy rising)

I want to express how I feel.

I want to act upon my truth.

I want to create movement in my life.

You’re feeling it inside, it’s coming out. You are coming out. The new you, the one you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve been in a transition in your life, you’ve been facing challenges. You initiated your new life already. And all these new actions towards yourself created the new you.

Now it’s time to come out. Let yourself show who you are. You do that by being you no matter the situation.

The new you wants to experience life. Do what you have to do for yourself👍

Enjoy your own creation 😎


Next time we chat about the Leo ♌ energy.

I love you 💖

Océanie 🙏

Picture: Show your true colours, taken in France.

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