New Moon August 30th

It’s new moon, the moon is close to the sun and that’s why we don’t see it in our night sky for a few days, it will reappear to our eyes soon.

We’re coming out of an intense active cycle (last energy Forecast here). And now the energies are taking us back to the ground. It’s grounding time 😉
All this passion you’ve been feeling in your activities, you can bring it in your daily routine.

Passion is not to be secluded, passion is what’s driving your life.

I love living.

It’s a perfect time to ground your dreams into your reality.
Act on your projects.
Everyday step into your new reality, the one you want to live in.

You want to feel good in your body, act on it. You want to implement a new routine, act on it. You want new in your life, act on it.

Every step of your days, create your new life. You are living it now. It’s about changing your habits. Your daily habits, the ones that are your routine. You want new so you create a new routine. You take yourself out of your usual habits, this allows you to learn about yourself and why you’re doing these things everyday.

You become an actor of your life.

You become conscious of your moves.

The change happens in the details: we are focusing on the daily routine. All the things you’re not thinking about, the ones you do mechanically.

Your routine is the base of your mechanism. Your habits reflect your own inner mechanism.
For example if you feel stressed, it shows in all your moves. You’re pressuring yourself, that’s your way of being. Well, the way you’re creating for your own being and living.

New moon is a great time to set intentions for yourself.
What do you want to do for yourself in this next month? What is your focus?
Write a few intentions for yourself and your own wellbeing. Allow yourself a moment to feel and think about your next moves.

I am creating myself.

Personally, this new moon is resonating strongly with my message: love and care for yourself at every step. If you are seeking guidance and support, I invite you to wander inside this website and be inspired by its messages.

The moon is close to the sun, it’s like we’re resetting ourselves for a new beginning, a new cycle in alignment with how we want to express who we are and live our life (sun). Close by there are also Mars, Venus and Mercury, it’s extraordinary!
Mercury is communication, Mars is action/divine masculine, Venus is beauty/divine feminine and the sun and moon also symbolise this feminine and masculine.

We are now living destiny. It’s a time of re-alignement of ourselves.

I am tuning my actions with my emotions. I act for my feelings.

It’s how we’re supposed to be and right now the universe is leading us to be who we are.
So stop questioning and simply do in accordance with how you feel.

Enjoy every moment of your life.

Be passionate about being alive and living life.

We are alive on this beautiful planet!Wow!!!

I love you,

Océanie 🙏💛

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