Healing Depression

In our life, depression is a common word that opens wide the door of the categories of “suffering” and “mental illness”. Depression is seen as if bad. It has been years I observe this concept of depression destroying instead of reconstructing. I feel it is time to change the close-minded thoughts blocking us in a negative/pejorative concept of depression. The mental illness is not in the depression but in the ideas associated with it.

We have the control of our thoughts. We choose the words for our speech. Nonetheless, we seem to use made up expressions and preconceived ideas instead of asking ourselves the question : what’s my truth about it?

Our social education conditions us in a painful thought pattern.

Mental illness is stuck in our common way of thinking.

Understanding depression.

What we name depression is common in our society, nevertheless I doubt it is clearly understood for what it is. Depression is not well seen therefore we block its natural flow. Some even feel guilty and ashamed to feel its symptoms. It leads us into a quite vicious emotional denial that keeps us dwelling in depression for years, which results in depression underlying our life.

Why not seeing depression as a natural phase of our developement? Don’t you think it is possible that, like nature, we also experience phases of emotional transition? Why puting on ourselves so much pressure to not accept our natural cycles?

A depressurisation is pressure dropping.

The word is perfectly adapted to what’s happening inside of us : Depression allows us to release the pressure, a natural pressure due to a change of rhythm.

Nonetheless, we seem to amplify the pressure by non accepting it : we want to feel better, to do more, to conform, etc. The general ideas of our society add more to it because emotion is not accepted for what it is. Therefore feeling the need to slow down becomes a pressure in itself. In fact, we are living in a permanent pressure which transforms this natural emotional phase into an intense overwhelm.

Emotional re-balance.

Depression is about our emotional management. The emotion is a mouvement of energy. It goes through us like water flows. Actually, in symbology, emotion is associated with the elment of water. That is why I am inviting you to observe the mechanism of water pressure, it will give you an idea of how emotional pressure works (dam, lock, house heating system, storm, scuba-diving…).

Water flows.

It is exactly how emotion works. The emotion wants to pass through us, it wants to come in and go out. Passing through us, it will trigger unique feelings correlated to our personal situation. Whatever these feelings, if we block ourself from honouring them, we create more pressure inside ourself.

The emotion is a beneficial movement for our personal development.

Often, it is our thinkliong that creates pressure and resists the emotional flow. For example, when we feel tired but we force ourself to be excited, when we feel like crying but retain our tears, when we feel one way and we judge ourself for it.

Our inner judgment, creator of pressure.

Depression is a phase of self transformation.

Depression is when our body releases what’s weighing on it to lighten up.

When our physical body releases it needs to rest, it is normal to feel tired. Our body needs to regenerate, so allow yourself to slow down.

Be careful with preconceived ideas invading your head and putting pressure on you : “I am lazy, not worth it, good-for-nothing, incapable, a failure, etc.”, “spending time in bed is not being productive”, “my life is a failure”, “the world is shit/lost, there is no point to live”, etc.

Our thoughts are reactions to the emotion therefore it is important to observe them and work at their modification. Our thoughts are here to support us and motivate us, not to push us in an infernal reality of shame, guilt or repressed anger.

Your way of thinking can resist your emotional freedom.

For exemple, guilt burdens our emotion and creates weight inside of us. This weighs on you and doesn’t help you depressure time.

A natural phase.

Depression is a phase, it is not meant to stay. To allow depression to be what it is, we have to accept it. We have to appreciate this transition because it allows us to release. See it as a regenerative cleanse.

It is a gestative phase during which our energies reset. This movement back to ourself guides us to focus our attention on ourself and transform our thoughts to accord them to our emotional needs.

Changing the way you are thinking is opening to new possibilities.

It is opening your belief to a new reality. It is allowing yourself to think that depression is beneficial and your unconditional support will authorize your regeneration.

Life is uncertain, it will always grant us with surprises, so why not adventure yourself with confidence? Why not authorising yourself to enjoy every phase of your life for what it is?.

After this cleansing period, your being will feel more balanced and you will have the strenght to go further.

Dealing with depression.

If you feel this depression phase now in your life, authorize yourself to rest, change your habits to adapt to your state of now. Take care of yourself like you would do for a baby : take the time to do for you. Cook with patience, lower your consumption of excitants (coffee, black tea, sugar, alcohol, and also the quality of the images you inspire…), do simple things just for the pleasure of doing. Transform your judging words into words of love and compassion. Do not force yourself to be social.

Enjoy your depression to observe all that puts pressure on you and learn new ways to do. The life you are living can be transformed, but you cannot know beforehand about your new life ation if you do not take the tilmespace to clarify with yourself first.

Allow yourself the time of depressurization.

Let yourself be surprised by yourself.

Appreciate yourself for who you are now.

Depression is a phase of self-harmonization.

Find help.

If you are feeling emotions of suffering and fear, you have difficulty to release on your own, ask for help to people that can support you in your personal transformation. The ones that offer you the space to feel and express.

Your family and surroundings will support you their own way, do not judge them. If their point of view is oppresing, don’t take it for your own. Do not let yourself be imposed with ideas that do not resonate with you. It is ok to think differently.

I know you know at least one person that has the capacity to guide you. Contact her/him.

Trust yourself and act for yourself.

My experience.

My perpective on depression is born of my own life experience. I got confronted to my own conditioning and my inadequity to deal with emotion. Disapprouving with the common vision of mental illness, I also blocked myself from accepting my own emotional flow. During years, I kept it all inside pressured by guilt and my shame to misunderstand my emotions.

I also offer my services to guide you to embrace your emotional self and learn how to support your healing.

To finish.

The way we communicate with ourself influences our health. We all have the choice to keep following inadequate ideas or to re-create our thinking for our wellbeing.

I wish you a peaceful depression,

I love you,


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