Happy Chinese New year – Metal Rat – Part 1

The new moon of January 2020 is celebrated as the begining of a new year in China. Every year is associated with an animal and an element. This new year we are entering the year of the metal rat.

It’s interesting to observe both these symbols and how they interact. I am not a specialist of the Chinese astrology system but it doesn’t mean I can’t vision and have a feeling of what this year is about.

Lucky me, a rat has been showing up in my home this last week. It is an auspicious gift from this new moon new year. So here I am at home observing the behaviour of this rat and listening to its message.

I realised I had a rat at home because it has been waking me up in the middle of the night being very loud. It sounds like this rat is full of energy and jumping from one furniture to the other and slaloming around my jars. My home is a rat amusement park…

The other night I woke up with a bang and the sound of coins falling all over my floor. The rat hit the bowl where I drop my changing coins. I woke up shouting at it to stop banging around like a nutter! Then turning in the light, I grabbed my broom and I told the rat that I was a bigger rat. Yes it is 3 am and I am naked swaying my broom around my head talking to my rat. What do you do in the middle of night?

I am actually a rat in Chinese astrology but not the metal one, Nonetheless I am a Leo sun sign in tropical astrology so I am big and strong and the rat does not scare me. I make my case and explain to my new friend the rat all of these details.

Darling, I am a lion-rat so get out of my way!

Anyway, my way, here are my insights about the metal rat year:

Truth: When I first wrote this article I wrote it guided by the perspective of the fire rat. I felt such a strong fire energy that I thought it was the fire rat year. I learned afterwards that it was the metal element and not the fire one. Nonetheless my story reflects how I feel and the messages are here. So I decided to not alter it to fit in another vision. The fire energy is strong and that’s my vision of now I share with you.

First I notice that this rat is very active. I had rats at home before but never jumping around my furniture like this one. It’s not quietly moving around and it is not discrete. I feel the fire expressing itself through the rat’s behaviour. The energy of fire is consuming, it is going forward burning on its path.

It is going for it no matter what is on its way

Also each time I turn on the light, the rat disappears. The rat seems comfortable in the dark. I also notice that the rat comes out when I am asleep or not at home.Which happens day and night. So the rat is comfortable in the light too. It is not about darkness or light, it’s about having its own space to make its move.

The bowl of coins falling made me laugh because in French we have this expression for people keeping their money to themselves and not spending a coin, we call them rats.

The message I hear is clear: you have what you need to make it happen. Stop questioning or waiting or keeping it for later, go for your vision with what you have.

Take action creating your own way.

Take action for your dreams.

Don’t wait for others’approvals, just do it how you feel like doing. Don’t try to fit in, don’t try to play roles, do you.

Fire is also this element that we can all see. Day or night we see the fire being for its light or its smoke. The fire is seen.

You are seen just by being you. No need to push yourself out there, no need for hashtags or make up. When you walk down the street, we can all see you. You are not transparent and even if your physical body was transparent, we could feel your energy and see you through your actions.

I know the rat is moving around daytime when I’m not home because it ate through my bag to get a piece of bread. I don’t see the rat but I see the mark of its action.

We are energy beings. We feel and we are felt. Your presence is universal. You know when you feel a friend or a family member is with you when they are geographically somewhere else. This is because we are all connected and our presence is felt through time and space.

We are also seen in our actions. You make an impact in this world with every one of your moves.

No need to pressure yourself to do more or faster or brighter.

The rat is not trying to attract my attention, it is simply doing its thing and it happens to attract my attention.

Whatever the signs, whatever the symbolisms or the planets alignment or the tea leaves in your cup, the only message is to be you.

You are unique and you are here to do that: Be you.

And we don’t have to know what exactly we are supposed to do later on. If you are here in the moment, doing guided by how you feel, life will make you flow.

One more thing, the rat is known for its survival skills. I want to talk about our survival as humans and also as nature beings. If we want to keep breathing and sustaining our humanity, we have to take action towards this vision. Don’t expect others to do for you or take the responsability, you are your own responsability and you are an active part of our whole.

I am sustainable in all your actions.

Support yourself to keep going. Take charge of your health, take charge of your food supplies, take charge of your housing. I know it’s a lot on our own and that’s why we are many.

Gather with others and create your sustainability.

We all have our specialties and passions and by connecting with each other we can easily create our new way.

The whole world is in a transition period. The element of fire is strong. We see it in the earth burning but also in the the people shouting in the streets. Fire can express itself as anger. But it is not anger. Fire is willpower. So if your reaction is anger, transform it into an action of power to make a real change in your life.

Change your way and be your own leader.

We lead by example.

The fire rat takes action for its survival. It is not coming against me, it is making its own way around me.

Be different, be the change.

I love you,


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