What is resting?

Good question !

What does resting mean for me ?

How do I rest ?

Is my rest regenerative ?

Resting how ?

If I feel like resting but I pressure myself on doing something else, I create a discordance in my intention. The misunderstanding comes from the words used in my mind.

Yes resting involves your mental too.

You create an incoherence when your body is asking for something and your mind is not aligning with it.

For example you’re guiltying yourself for not doing because you’re resting. Well this is not cool for yourself.

Or you are feeling bored because you are not doing whatever you think you should be doing. Not cool either.

Trust you feel your body correctly and accept it in your mind.

I act my rest.

How do you act resting ?


Basically, when you feel tired and you rest, you are doing resting.

Society has the tendency to think resting is not doing. If society was feeling its body it would realize resting is part of our growth. So do it for you.

You do you

Regeneration time

We are busy doing, growing, mearning, creating, working, etc. We are active mentally and physically a lot. So when are we taking the time to integrate all we do ? When are we taking the time to pause and allow our regeneration ?

It is a natrural process and there is nothing else to do than let if be. For that we have to open the spacetime to allow it to happen for ourselves. This is what I call resting.

No need to think about it. just be and do how it feels.

As I say, if you feel like rolling on the floor, do that.

Enjoy your rest,

I grow with compassion

Dive deeper :

May the force of Love Be with You.

I love you


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