Guidance February 2021

We are transiting into the month of February 2021 in a magnificient way! Not only we get the revelations of the full moon but also the mercury retrograde will create the space for us to integrate them.

Let’s chat about it and see how we can navigate February 2021 feeling held and loved.

The dawn of a clearer vision.

Sun in Aquarius January 20th – February 2021

Discover my vision of Aquarius Season here.

The transition into Aquarius is guiding us to clarify our vision and for that we have to heal our past. As this past created a vision that now feels obsolete to us. We want an upgrade and to reach this new state of life we have to cleanse.

How does the cleanse feels like?

Do you feel memories of your past haunting you? Or maybe passing through you to remind you who you were? The mind is at play in February. We are enlightening, our higher self is integrating more inside our human bodies. It is our job to allow it the space to be and express. On its way our loving spirit clears out what is heavy and unstuck us from our past loop.

In 2021, this phenomena is intense as we are coming out of a restructuring year. What we do not want is facing us to make us clearer in our direction. If you want to create strong foundations, you have to accept your vulnerabilities as they are part of your progress.

This can feel confronting and it is of course! Seeing our past mistakes and pains is triggering but now we have the choice to react in a new way and not repeat our past.

It’s time to step free into our life.

What do you want here and now?

Kickstarting the month with an open heart.

Leo Full Moon on January 28th 2021.

I channeled the full moon many messages here.

I am love.

Loving communication

Mercury Retrograde January 30th – February 17th 2021.

What is the mercury retrograde effect ?

This mercury retrograde is offering us the space to integrate the full moon revelations. The energies are opening our hearts to express how they feel. We are being guided by our inner truth.

Have you noticed how the last year shuffled your way to relate? We separated from people and got connected to others. We are learning how to redefine our relationships.

Doesn’t it feel good to express yourself clearly to another and feel heard? Doesn’t it feel good to open yourself to receive from another? Feeling held and holding too, our communication is a reciprocity but it is not same same, what you give is yours and what the others give is theirs. Accepting each other is allowing ourselves to receive and express from our hearts. We are not all supposed to be best friends, I mean that our human connections are attracting each other for reasons and some stay present in our life and others don’t.

This month of February 2021 is carrying us in redefining our relationships. This is happening as we clearly express from a heart-centered perspective.

Please remember to not take for you what the other express and to not expect the other one to feel how you feel, to read your mind. We are all unique, that is why it is primordial for each one of us to express how we feel.

This mercury retrograde is helping us to reset our way of communication. Observe the way you communicate and upgrade it.

Does your communication feel clear? Are you being heard? Are you confortable in your interactions?

A new emotional cycle.

Redefining our communication is an emotionnal process. We express how we feel therefore we have to be clear about it to be able to express. Our communication starts within ourselves. you are your first relationship.

We have many tools to communicate, our words are one possibility but there are not the only one. We have infinite ways to communicate, choose the ones you feel confortable with. Some of us dance, others draw, some cook, others make fires, some play music, others clap their hands. Again, we are unique, so allow yourself to communicate your own way.

If you create your own way, you will be more receptive to another’s way.

Do not expect the other to do like you.

About our words, we have been educated to use them as our main tool of expression. The thing is they have been taken for granted and they are loosing their power. Common expressions are making us stuck in our general confusion. I don’t see anyone going forward without re-assessing how they talk.

I invite you to play the game of words and observe if the words you are using to express yourself are yours?

Do you talk how you feel?

Creating a new way to relate.

Our communcation is shown in our interactions with others : the way you communicate with yourself is your base to communicate with others.

Your outside reflects your inside. / Your inside projects outside.

Observing this phenomena helps you to clarify your inner. For example, if a conversation doesn’t feel clear, go inside and observe your own confusion, then you will be able to clarify with the other.

Take the time to communicate, there is no hurry.

Our telecommunications have upgraded the speed of our interactions. But be aware that they can have a pushy effect on us. Do not let your instantaneous reaction take over. Do not let the pressure of the fast create miscommunications.

Breathe before you answer. Reflect before you act out to another.

Stay centered in your heart.

To redefine the way we communicate, to reinvent our way of relating to one another, it is important we do so for ourself first. Process and transform to react in accordance witgh your loving heart and not the pains of the past.

Anger is easily triggered and will keep existing in us if not faced and transformed into loving actions.

I communicate from a place of self-love.

Setting the ground for our Age of Aquarius.

The way we communicate is important as the connection from our heart to our vision is what allows us to project our heart’s calling into our reality.

How do you manifest yourself is influenced by your inner communication.

If we want a new life for our humanity, we have to express our vision for it. So let’s do that. Let’s allow ourselves to express how we vision our perfect life. A life where everyone has the space to be and expand.

Expressing is a work of art. Expressing is our body in action. For our vision to implement in our reality we have to work for it and with it.

In your relationships, do what you would like the other to do too. Show your way.

Act your love.

The New Moon in Aquarius, 11th February 2021, will open the space for us to set new intentions. On time, I will channel the message of this new moon and share it with you.

There is no pressure, drop it and let yourself flow carried by love. You are loved and supported. Feel it inside yourself.

Trust your feeling.

This month of february is a breath of fresh air. Let it flow.

Open your mind to create the magic stories of your life.

To dive deeper :

May you feel the divine love flowing through you,

Love & sparkles,


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