Growth is limitless

Another message inspired by the full moo; This message is a translation of the energies of now whenever is you now. it is for you.

The moon is fully reflecting,

Amplifying our will,

Like a bubble of sparkles

Growing towards its destiny.

The universe is telling us to shine from our center. Our center being all of our parts integrated in one will. The parts of you inside and outside, masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang, private and public, alone or social and the infinity of other dualities.

We are uniting as one being full of possibilities.

The expressive sun is in Gemini ♊, an energy of action created by the mind. If gemini is in balance, our moves are an expression of how we think. And our thoughts having the ability to bounce, it’s an energy of movements. Allowing our minds to lead the actions.

I feel like doing this so I do now. No questions asked, no justification needed.

The moon is in Sagittarius ♐, an action maker. It’s a fire sign and fire burns, expressing itself effortlessly. The moon is linked with our water reflecting our emotions. The moon in Sagittarius’message is about manifestation. Taking everything we have towards action to manifest our will. It’s saying go for it! No doubts, no resistance, only the strong will to make it happen now.

Mind and body in agreement towards our intention.

This full moon is showing us our truth. It’s making us express freely who we are.

We are both our thoughts and our feelings. And it’s time to listen to both and make peace with yourself.

The extra touch is that this full moon happens in the house of Sagittarius where Jupiter is too. And Jupiter is home in Sagittarius so that’s super power Jupiter! Jupiter is seen as the planet of growth. Look at the sky, you can see Jupiter next to the moon. Usually the brightness of the moon’s overpowers the rest but not Jupiter’s light. Jupiter is the brightness of evolution.

Growth has no limitation.

What we receive these days is giving us the opportunities for our evolution. I’m sure you felt your possibilities widen recently. You wanted something new to happen in one area of your life and you realise how it’s creating a wave of change around as well.

It’s straight forward these days: what’s in front of you reflects back how you are seen.

It’s here to show you who you are like a mirror. Listening to people’s feedback or thoughts about us is enlightening if taken the right way. The right way is supportive. So if you feel like you’re struggling recently, well it’s time to accept what is happening without judging or pressuring. Once you accept, you stop resisting the flow and life is suddenly nicer.

I accept how I feel. No judgment. No question.

Whatever the action you feel like doing, do it. When I move driven by one intention, I create my self expression.

From our center we breathe better, we are stronger and our manifestation is clearer.

It’s time to do you.

And share who you are with everyone by simply being you.

Inside and outside, you are you.

I am grateful to meet you 🙏

I love you 💖

Océanie 😀


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