Game: Setting boundaries – Rules

Aloha beautiful beings,

A new game! How exciting! It’s for you to play at creating your own space. You see when you set your boundaries, you create your safe space.

You are your own magic world and for you to expand you need clear boundaries.

Let’s do it.

I propose you a game to play during a few weeks. Playing is so much fun, let’s make it last as long as we enjoy it hihi.

To play the game you need to follow the rules. Nothing innovative here, every game has its rules if not that wouldn’t be fun, it would be a messy chaos.


– I commit to play the game.

– I follow the rules.

– I sustain myself.

– I love myself.

What you need / Tools:


You can’t play the game if you’re not participating.

* Notebook and pen

Not your phone, not random pieces of paper around the house.

A real notebook with a real pen. These items are cheap and easily available. No excuses.

That’s it. Easy!

Now go for it, this way: Game of setting boundaries – Week 1

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