Game: Setting boundaries – Round 3

If you are new to this game: Teletransport here (intro and rules)

If you’re coming from round 1 then round 2:

Well done!!!

remember it’s a process and everyday you are creating the new you want to manifest in your life.

Ready for round 3?

Let’s go!

Game of setting boundaries – Week 3

Mission: I enjoy what I have.

Focus: Me enjoying 😁

Action: Enjoy what you’re doing now.

It’s a game so play. Play with what you know you already have.

You worked these last two rounds on clarifying what you already have in your life. So now you get to enjoy it.

Now it’s time for a break. Have fun!


There are still all the things you don’t want and what you want out but first you need to focus on what’s positive.

If you want positive, see positive.

Focusing on what’s not bringing you enjoyment is blocking yourself. Say no to mind torture 😂

You are resetting your mind in a new setting.

Focus on positivity 🦄


When you do something that’s on the No list, remember all the things you do that are Yes.

When you are in a “I don’t want” situation, don’t let your mind dwell in negativity, instead accept you’re doing it now and it will pass.

Now you focus on the YES.

It’s a break but as you understand it’s also a moment to apply appreciating.

Work on your thoughts.

Here&Now: You are making steady progress. You are changing your mindset into a more positive view on your life. Well done!

Oh my, it’s happening!😂😉

Step by step…

The game is done and you did it! Now you keep going implanting the new in your every days.

More inspiration:

I love you,

Enjoy now 😁🦄🙏

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