Game: Setting boundaries – Round 2

What’s the game? What’s the rules? Click here 😉

First round of this fantastic game: Bounce here 🦄

Observe that you are doing it. Remember it’s a process and everyday you are making steps forward.

Keep going:

I set my boundaries – Second week

Mission: Appreciate what I have here and now.

Focus: What I want and what I have.

Tools: Notebook, pen & you

Action: Say “I have” and then read your “what I want” list.

Focus your mind on simply saying “I have” while you’re applying this mindset to your Yes list.

Now observe how you feel in your body and how you feel in your mind.

What does seem to be already in your life and what does not.

Observe what you have and appreciate it.

Guidance: If you want something big, it takes timespace and work to get/have it.

Recognize that if you want something it is because you want to enjoy.

By observing how what you want is already part of your life, you are stepping into enjoying it now

Appreciate what you have now.

Observe how you are doing it already.

Yes maybe it feels small compare to the full thing but it is part of your life already, isn’t it?

Recognize what you have.

Allow yourself to enjoy it already.

The days go on while you are playing the game….

Here&Now: You see with more clarity what is already in and what is not.

Now you see with more clarity what you want to focus on.

This is cool.

Well done 🙏

Ready to step forward? Go to round 3

Enjoy 😘

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