Game: Setting boundaries – Round 1

Have you read the intro and rules? Here.

You decided to go for it? You want to secure your own space by creating your healthy boundaries? Awesome!!!

Open your book and write the date and your intention.

Today you create the new so let’s start!

I set my boundaries – First week

Mission: Discerning where you at in your mind.

Focus: What you want and don’t want.

Your first job is to work on what you want and don’t want in your life. You need to enunciate it and for that the first step is: write it down.

Make a list: I want in my life vs I don’t want in my life.

Tools: notebook and pen


You have a week to reflect on this, therefore, at least everyday take a moment to focus on yourself and fill up the list.

Be honest with yourself. Write it all down. The dreams and the nightmares. This list is for you only so enjoy this space for you to express what you want or not.

Detach from what you think is the right or wrong way. Don’t think about what’s possible or not. This is not what the gameis about.

Tips: Use your everyday activities and interactions to create this list.

In your daily life, you can observe what you like, don’t like, how some situations make you feel, how some people make you feel, who and where you enjoy, who and where you don’t enjoy so much, what makes you feel safe or insecure, etc.

Observe how your mind reacts (words coming up inside your head).

Observe how your body reacts: do I tense, do I relax, do I gather, do I hide, do I touch, do I avoid, etc.

Learn from yourself and write it down.

Here&Now: You see clearly what you want and not. Well done!


You’re doing great!

Ready to step forward?

Go: Game of setting boundaries – Round 2

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