Game of being here and now #1

Yes a game!! I love games!! Awesome! So cool! I say yes to fun!

What is this about? It’s a fun experiment, a meditation, a visualization, a moment of consciousness, a grounding and re-centering activity, it is about experiencing new 😉

When to play this game? When you feel lost, when you don’t know what to do, when your mind is restless, when you want to re-center, etc.

Exciting! Let’s play!

Statement: My body is here and now.

Situation: I’ve lost my mind. It’s not in the here and now.

Mission: Bringing back my mind where my body is. Being in my presence.

From a pirate point of view, the game is to find the ship wandering at sea and go back on board.

Yes, you can wear a costume to play the game.

Yes, you can bring teammates in.

No more questions. Remember, it is a magic unicorn game: you create the rules.

Round 1 ⛳ Finding where to start the game.

The starting point of your game is where your body is here and now.

That’s easy, just look what’s around you. Really around you.

Me: I see a fan, toys, blanket, a door, plants, etc.


Then expand further.

Me: I see a house, a garden, a fence, a gate, a road…



Me: another house, another road, another garden, a motorbike…a friend, a neighbour, the road to the beach,...


Now, come back towards your body.

Me: back from up there…. back through the gate, walking the path towards the house, entering home…., entering my bedroom, here I am.


Here you are!

Well done.

This where you start.

This is also where you finish.

Life cycles, beginnings blossom from endings.

By the way, you won the round! Celebration! 💃😎

You can play this game anytime you want.

To spice up the game:

– Close your eyes and visualize.

– Close your eyes and guide yourself through a meditation.

– Stand up and walk outside then come back to your departure point.

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏💖

Océanie 😘

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