I drop the load by sharing my load.

Together supporting each other.

I breathe with you, you breathe with me.

Together, we are getting stronger.

Tonight, I invite you to breathe in the moonshine.

Life is cycling and we are evolving.

How do you feel now?

It’s been wow, heavy, intense, paralysing, exhilarating, busy, tiring, etc. You have felt these last two weeks and you have dealt with your feelings your own way.

This Pisces season is bringing us a turn in our lives. The old is crumbling and we are creating new with the pieces of our self. We are always transforming but some transformations can feel like a deep rebirth.

It is a rebirth into the unknown as we are now new. Because when you let go, you make space for the new to come and what’s new is unknown. It is like a mist over the landscape lifting up to reveal the details. We have no control over the mist, we can’t lift it up. We can try to predict and expect but that usually creates false prophecies and stress, so let’s not do that.

When it’s foggy outside and we can’t see far in front of us, we go forward slower. That’s exactly what we are being asked to do now.

Slow down.

Slowing down doesn’t mean not being active. It means being active in another way. Slowing down is resting. Slowing down is grounding. Slowing down is appreciating what is.

My ultimate trick to slow down is to focus on my breath. This way I center all my self into one. If my thoughts are going into the blur of the unknown, I breathe them down. If my head aches, I breathe deep inside my roots.

I bring the breath down my belly and exhale down to earth. I visualise a big bowl of energy in my pelvic floor and breathe through it.

Not knowing what’s happening and how it is going to unfold tomorrow can trigger fear. The fear wants to be addressed. When scared you want to be reassured. Your mind-body is asking for soothing time.

When in fear, connect with your root chakra.

Your first chakra is your energetic safety center. It is our connection to mother earth, to our physical nature. Breathe down your pelvic floor to activate your root chakra.

This is a deep strengthening action. Taking the time to breathe through your body calmly and regularly is a wellbeing practice, it strengthens your immune system.

You might not believe it will do something because you are tangled in your overthinking, the collective says otherway and this new practice is unknown to you. Whaterve, these are thoughts and do not value your own feeling experience. What I propose is each time you observe thoughts of fear and scarcity in your head, replace them with the thought: I breathe deeply.

This simple action is a trigger to slow down.

Experience it day by day.

Remember the new is created by us. And if it is blurry and confusing right now, it shows we are in a transition to something new. We have learned from the past and now we want different. The new is taking its timespace to emerge as we are taking the timespace to react differently to the events.

Slow down.

When you slow down, you see more clearly the details. When you slow down, you become more conscious. Slowing down strengthens your whole.

Care for the details as they are the foundation of your base.

A base that we are all sharing. So let’s support each other in our every step. Share your vulnerabilities and your strength. Connect with the people in your life by being yourself. Stop trying, pressuring and wearing masks. Stop trying to hold it all together on your own, are you alone on earth?

Embody your self.

Believe in the people around you.

And if you come across weird reactions, it’s ok, no need for tensing or misjudging. We are all here together dealing the best we can with what’s happening.

There are people around you that can help you if you feel out of breath.

I believe in us as a community. The more we share with each other, the stronger we are growing.

Abundance is us being connected to expand the flow of infinite.

I drop the load by sharing my load.

Together supporting each other.

I breathe with you, you breathe with me.

Together, we are getting stronger.

I do me with you and you do you with me.

Follow the guidance:

I love me, I love you.


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