Full Moon Virgo-Pisces / Mid-March 2022

Completing this Pisces season (Pisces Season insights) with a full moon !

Magic enlightenment time, let yourself be guided and flow supported by your intelligence ; not your self-sabotaging bossy self !

Here is my channeled message for now :

Feeling light is also feeling heavy.

Our physical matter has its weight, and it’s important to allow it to be what it is.

When we keep high in our mentality and deny our emotional rhythm, we create a strong discordance.

Blocks and knots will accumulate to lead us into being in a space and time that doesn’t correspond to our truth.

Many cycles always interweaving, we are ending and begining at every breath. And sometimes these cycles are guiding us into diving deeper into our emotional realm and feel what has been left aside.

The body says :

Enough ! I need space to express, to cleanse and purify.

Enough of the mental pressure that keeps me caged.

Enough of the dispersion that exhausts me.

Enough of the disconnection that keeps me away from my center and truth.

I am human. I am feeling. I am alive.

You are a human being




Being who and what we are is weaving our life with all our parts, all our dimensions.

For that we need to create the space for ourself to be.

And this is about adapting and caring for the details.

I feel this in my body, I care for it now.

One moment it’s pain that is asking for isolation and rest.

One moment is hunger that is asking for feeding.

One moment it’s fire that wants to be expressed.

One moment it’s inspiration that wish to be received.

One moment it’s doubts that need reassurance.

Every moment guiding us to the next. Every feeling guiding us to act in harmony with the general flow.

We are our own carer, we are the parent of our inner child.

Your inner child is simply you as a growing human.

Intelligent and Intuitive

You can be knowledgeable and intelligent but this doesn’t mean you know what’s next. Because next is a new step. Next is a surprise. Next is a new sensation.

Receive life with innocence and react with intelligence.

Your value

You are enough as you are.

Here and Now.

No need to push, force or oppress. Reconnect with your own sensations and educate yourself to support your way. You are unique and only you knows. Even if your education taught you otherwar.

Reclaim your inner authority !

There are many things to discover on the other side of the shield wall.

Lagertha in the TV serie Vikings

Date yourself

Trust your self and learn who you are by nourishingg an intimate relationship with your own self.

Game of now : Be your best lover.

Full moon is an opposition, I invite you to observe your process of six months ago : here the full moon Pisces report.

Peace & Trust,


Photo taken in Koh Phangan. For me, Kite surfing is playing with the wind and water. I get very inspired as for me it reflects my own intuitive and intelligent dance : How thoughts and emotion can create a magnificient symphony.

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