Full Moon Sagittarius May 2021

May 26th, the moon will transit opposite the sun, we call this alignment the full moon. The sun is now in Gemini (May 21st ~ June 22nd) and opposite Gemini in the astro wheel is Sagittarius, hence the full moon in Sagittarius.

Full moon is a time of clarity as we see in front of us what needs to be seen. we are in between the opposition of our sun and our moon. Facing sunset, you can see the moon rising in your back. I invite you to play with your position in this great alignment.

*Strong energies during a few weeks with the eclipse portal (full moon Saggtiatius to new moon Gemini/ june 10th) : Drink water, rest, ground yourself.*

So, how are you feeling ?

No matter what is unveiling for you, remember that you are supported and loved. Trust in the process of enlightenment.

Unveiling a new truth

When faced with new revelations, you might feel confronted. Seeing with new eyes shakes your world! But you are still here on earth as a human being. No matter the storms and the thunder, you know you are here with yourself.

Your truth is inside, your ground is inside.

A lot of movement during this full moon as we are dealing with mutable energies. Mutable means changing. Like a crossroad, your destiny might take a new turn too! This full moon can face you to activate a new step in the realisation of your dream life. You know we dream of something happening, we are focused on it, we are working for it and one day tadah! we are seeing it. Because life is always happening therefore we are experiencing our dreams anytime. It is about our perpective of life.

How do I see ?

How do I receive?

Do I accept to receive what I am wishing for?

Shining our truth

Our truth evolves as we grow and experience life. The concept of truth is inviting us to observe that there isn’t one truth but an infinity of possibility of truth.

What one sees is unique.

Believing in an “ultimate” truth might get you stuck, its create tension and pressure when this “ultimate” truth is shaken by your life’s circumstances. It also creates tensions in our interactions because expecting another being to believe in the same truth as us is a bit controlling isn’t it ? I am aware that religions are offering us an “ultimate” truth but aren’t they all offering us their own and battling each other for it? Again it depends if your truth resonnates with conflict or acceptance.

Why not offering ourself a new possibility of truth ? A truth that emanates from our heart and is more a feeling than a story to believe in ?

I invite you to reflect on what is your truth : Observe how it shaped itself through your life experience and how it is changing as you grow and learn.

My truth is my vibration.

When we talk about truth, we may observe its duality : the lies. What is lying ? Was I lying in my past or was I only expressing the truth of my present self ? Today am I living my past self or experiencing my new truth ?

When faced with a new vision, don’t let yourself fall into observing your past with harshness or regrets. You were who you were and you grew as who you are today. you also know that tomorrow you will evolve new as well.

So the trick is to not get fixated in our mind but instead connect with our inner vibration and allow our self to expand freely. The stories we create are stories reflecting our life experience. One may see green, the other red, nonetheless the apple still tastes like an apple and we all taste it differently.

I am my truth in the present moment.

Gemini & Sagittarius

The sun is in Gemini, a mutable air sign and the moon in Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign.

Mutable is the change, like a turn of wind or the fire sparkling, burning, ashing. It is this ability to change our expressive action (fire) and to change our mind (air).

We are being lead to adapt our thoughts with our expression and our expression with our thoughts.

Am I speaking my truth ?

Are my thoughts and actions reflecting each other ?

Am I expressing how I feel truly ?

Sun in Gemini brings us a lively and light energy. Moon in Saggitarius is giving us a push for action. It is triggering us to act for what we feel inside, to drop the masks and other illusions and express our inner self.

Why stopping ourselves from being who we are ? This doesn’t mean we are pushing others to do like we do or believe in what we believe in. On the contrary, the energis are offering us a momentum to express how we see life and how we desire to express our inner self.

Share who you are now. Free your light.

We are like the stars in the sky, we are all shining our light and depending on the moment some take center stage and some retreat. And thank you for that! We are living as a collective and we can support each other by being ourselves. Let’s adapt to how we feel instead of forcing each other to do other way.

There is this old paradigm conditionning that tells us that when we are feeling weak or tired we are unworthy, we are unable, etc. Really ? Am I less valuable when I feel the need to rest or slow down ? Are our children in the wrong when they take a rest after some effort ? Is it wrong to take the time to recharge when I feel my body needs it ?

From my personnal experience, the more I allow myself to relax, the more I become creative and effective.

Calming our mental, dropping our physical tensions, allowing ourself to express how we feel without judgment opens a new doorway of action and interaction.

This makes me bounce on the subject of help. As a collective we have the power to sustain our evolution. For that we have to be together and not against each other. Expressing our truth of the moment, helps another one to express its truth too.

Expressing is not only in words, expressing is all actions taken by our body.

Full Moon Power

During this full moon, we are dealing with air and fire, observe the interaction of these elements. To co-habitate, they need to allow the other one its space and also if they want to go full power, the other one has to go full power too if not it is consumed/burnt/eaten away/etc.

I empower myself when you empower yourself too. Our strenght is collective.

Sharing your experiences is offering another one a new possibility of experiencing life because we are all unique. And as we express ourselves, we also allow the other to take its space by being itself.

Accept your truth. Accept the other ones truth. no need to push or pressure, we are all here together wishing for love, safety and beauty. So let’s do that now.

Every situation offers infinite possibilities.

May your present moment fulfill you.

I love you,


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