Full Moon May 2020 – LET ME BE

I want to share in new ways. I wish to support your consciousness opening. My intention is for you to be your own creator.

Our feelings are not words or images, they are vibrations flowing through us. We are flowing in space and our minds create our reality. So from what I feel I have the choice to thread my own stories.

To start, spoken words (video) with a guided meditation and visualisation. I also share my message of now.

Then, written words to share with you how my vibration projects and translates in many languages. I give you keys to decode your own message and // threads to explore and study.

You have everything within you. Follow your flow.

Energy Translation of Full moon May 2020:

* All parts of my matter are my beauty. // Sun in Taurus

* What/where/how is my space? // Saturn in Aquarius. // Meditation in my inner space.

* Is what I see, what I feel? // Reflection on dreams and illusions. // Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

* My center and my expansion // Number 5 // What’s up in May?

* Observe “accumulation” // Insight channeled during waxing moon, before the moon is fully reflecting the sunlight.// How to lighten my all?

* Visualise yourself floating in the middle of the immensity of the ocean. How do you feel? How do you do? // Me and my emotions.// How do I navigate in water?

* Heart Chakra // Bring its vibration in your envirronement (I put it on my phone background, I draw it, I visualise its colour, I breathe with it…)// Vibrate

* I am a star. // Observe the night sky.

*Feeling like diving deep into my inner well. // moon in Scorpio // I Ching hexagram 48

* Connect 11 and 5 // May and November

* Similarities of automn and spring. // Our earth has two hemispheres so I observe the balance of both.

* A scorpion and a bull facing each other. I observe how they shine on each other. // Full moon: moon in Scorpio opposite sun in Taurus.// Animal spirits

* From my vision of being in the middle of the ocean. I now see a ground on the horizon. How do I feel? How do I do? // From being in isolation and now having a vision of coming out of it. What’s changing within me?// Observing my projections.

* Colour: deep blue // Play with it, feel, connect.

* 555 // Transformation process // Instability and stability

* Dispersion and Focus // Reflection on my center

* Sacred geometry: observe the geometry at the center of heart chakra. // Expand

*Sing with the moon. // Channel the moon’s wisdom.// Experience your flow

Feel – Connect – Express

Weave your own vision. Share your own wisdom.

Trust yourself.

Remember the new moon message for this cycle.

I love you,


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