Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energies July 2020

The full Moon Lunar Eclipse happened on 4/5th July 2020. This is an intense energetical moment in our life.

How are you feeling?

Honestly, it felt like a tornado blasting my whole being. My head had been spinning for some weeks now but the week leading to the eclipse I felt like I was about to explode. My mind was like a big bang during its explosion time, my thoughts were all over the place, my vision was projecting on everyone around. I had to spend a full day alone in my cave (my bedroom) to re-center and strenghten my energy field. I also shared with friends about what was going on up in my head because I felt I needed help to support my transition through this energetical  wave.

I want to share that it’s ok to ask for support. For some of us it doesn’t feel easy to call out for help in these extreme moments but please do not close up on yourself when you feel awful. It’s ok to say I feel awful right now and I just don’t know.

Don’t get lost in your head, come back inside your physical body.

When it is spinning inside of us, it wants to come out and this is our responsibility for our wellbeing to open a door for our flow to breathe out. By flow I mean emotions, sensations, thoughts, weird feelings, heaviness, pressure, all that doesn’t feel free and clear. And often we don’t have words to explain the feelings because we are in the feelings, in the center of the storm like I visualise it for myself.

I enjoy storms, the elements are all over the place showing us a new harmony of their interactions. It is blowing and stirring what was stuck and cluttered. It creates a deep cleanse and release.

That’s what’s happening now and it is not a regular storm, it’s a magnificent once in a lifetime natural event.

So it’s ok to feel out of place. We are lead to re-birth as a connected whole and as we have been on the path of separation and confrontation for all our life, it feels weird. I don’t have words to express how it feels anymore. That’s why I share my stories.

We all feel the energies but we receive them and allow them to flow in and out of ourselves in our own unique way. Therefore it is important to not fall into categories when sharing how you feel. Especially when the sensations are heavy, your inner being is calling out for release. So our job is to let it out.

I deeply breathe out.

There are many ways to express and from my own experience the more I practice expressive behaviours, the easier my flow of release is. What comes through has space to come out.

I create my space.

However you feel is your own and you are the only one who allows your expression.

Not only share for yourself like writing/drawing in a notebook or dancing/moving alone but also share these expressive moments with others.

Dance together, draw together, sing together, recite your poems, go for a hike together, play with each other.

We are interconnected and your truth expressed is an inspiration for another. My story is your story from my point of view. How incredible to have the ability to create our expression and share with another.

Life is magical.

I appreciate every now as it is.

There are no good or bad emotions, no good or bad weather, no good or bad judgements on yourself, there are only unique moments to experience.

Your feelings are your truth. Accept them and create your own care.

I trust in life to lead us to our new way of existence. I trust in everyone of us to be their own leader in this time of transformation.

You do you, I do me, Together we are.

I love you,


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