Full Moon Libra – end of March 2021

Voice transmission – Full Moon Libra – Océanie

How can I co-create if I don’t express my self ?

How can I be me in the collective if I don’t allow me to be privately ?

How can I accept my truth of now if I judge my way with thoughts of yesterday ?

May the light lift my shadows,

May the light comfort my inner child,

May the light reflect my truth.

I am you as you are me and I am not you as you are not me. Finding the balance in the polarities can be tricky because each polarity is its own truth.

What is truth when mine is different than yours? How do we find our balance in this immensity of possibilities?

This full moon on the Libra-Aries axis is revealing our truth in relationship with other truths.

I am a co-creation of Nature & Spirit.

Our reality is one and all at the same time. Again when the infinity of possibilities is one made of many, it can be challenging to navigate what is.

Your body knows what is because our humanity is tuned with nature and our physical body is resonating with Nature. Nonetheless as human beings we also have been granted a thinking machine, your know this head on top of us ? A head that can be in pain, a head that can overthink, a head that can be restless.

Yes we are nature at once but also we are spirit. Have you noticed how the timespace of your thoughts is different than the timespace of your physical body? Two unique dimensions weaving the creation of our reality.

I am made of many.

To find your balance you need to create it by adjusting your thoughts and your actions.

Moon in Libra opposing Sun in Aries.

Libra is symbolised by the scales and associated with the air element. The energy of Libra is light and it is seen in what it connects with. It is about relationships, communication and balance.

I invite you to play with these three words.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, the sun is now beginning a new year, new actions are at play. The Aries energy is penetrating, it is active. Aries is the house of the planet Mars, it is vibrating with the masculine energy power.

I penetrate. I engage. I go for it.

A full moon that enlights our way of relating and how our actions are talking for us.

I am my own commander.

If you don’t feel heard and understood, if you feel discomfort within, my questions for you are :

Are you acting as you feel? Are you accepting your own truth? Are you thinking in harmony with how you feel?

Yes it is our job to maintain our thougfhts under control. Not a control to block their freedom but a control to maintain their direction. We create our mental boundaries, we create pour path of thoughts.

I am my own power.

Our social interactions reflect our inner relationship. How you react to others is coming from you. The other is doing itself, you are doing you so don’t blame the other for how you feel. Don’t give your power away!

Energy empowerment practice :

Settle your body in a comfortable position and connect with your breath. Say out loud :

I am sovereign.

Do it again and again.

Practice everyday and experience your magic.

Take a rest to balance your energies.

The energy rising up to this full moon has been very active and dynamic. So allow yourself to take a break. A break from some thoughts, a break from some movements. Work both sides. Let go of all pressure.

Ground. Center. Breathe.

The break you need now is unique. The break you need later is unique. You create your balance.

Remember every moment is unique so don’t expect tomorrow to be today.

Act on your thoughts.

And release the rest.

You are the one we need you to be. So do you so we can co-create together. No matter how it feels now, act upon it.

Free your body from your thoughts. Free your thoughts from your body. Liberate your spirit and your nature.

Your self is a co-creation.

Create your spacetime for your self expression.

To keep exploring :

May your truth be your way.

I love you,


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