Full Moon Leo January 2021

The moon is opposite the sun in Aquarius on January 28th 2021. The full moon happens at 9° of Leo. (Leo and Aquarius are opposite in our astro wheel).

At full moon, a new clarity is being enlightened in progression from the last new moon. I invite you to read my new moon in Capricorn message et re-affirm your new moon intentions.

2020’s magic effect.

This past year we have been squeezed, it was a time to face ourselves and the life we have created until now. Not only the life of our self-centered reality, but also our collective one. We received what we did in the past. Like a return of boomerang. The way we managed our health, paf! in your face. the way we dealt with emotions, paf! in your face. The way we structured our society, paf! in your face.

We all felt the confrontations in our unique level of being.

We saw that what we have built is not supporting us anymore. We are learning that we have to reorganise to create our new foundations. But we all know that to reorganise, we first need to clean. What’s the point to include in our new logistics stuff we do not want anymore? And what’s cool about cleaning is that we get into the details and it gives us a clearer view of how the new organisation could be. Then when the space is clear; we start shuffling our stuff around, we make it the way that feels better to us. We align our organisation with our flow. Would you put your cuttlery in your bathroom? It is about order. Not an order that feels imposed by I don’t know who, but instead an order that feels natural to us.

Our new organisation will support us if it comes from our hearts.

Our love for living life in harmony is what we all need to harvest to create our new structures.

Know that you are already doing it, so don’t start overthinking about it. Simply observe your home and its organisation, the organisation of your living. And if needed, reorganise for your own comfort of flow.

I organise my space to fit me.

Our rehabilitation.

We are now transiting through the phase of rehabilitation, if I can call it this way. I know you feel the call to be you and do you. Also you may feel the reminiscences of some of your past relationships that seem to be still alive within you. So it is important to work on these connections. De-attach from the past relationship by opening the channel to welcome another kind of relationship, one infused with love and compassion.

For that I call upon forgiveness to heal myself and I also cut the cords of attachments.

Open your heart again.

To create what we desire, we have to come from a place of true desire. If not we create a fake illusion of desire and all will crumble again. This time we have learned and we are working to make it happen a new way. We are changing our foundations instead of keeping building on outdated ones. This doesn’t mean that our past foundations are wrong, it simply means that we are upgrading from them.

And this happens in every one of us. It is personnally and with each other that we create the new society because we all have our role to play.

What am I passionate about?

Shining our light.

We are redesigning our reality together therefore helping ourselves will heal others too. Because when your willpower is strong it sparks others too. It is like you are holding a torch in front of you to illuminate your path and others benefit from it. All works with the phenomena of attraction, you have nothing else to do than being you.

By sharing your truth, you open the space for others to do so too.

This full moon is in Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius. The two key concepts to play with are : Heart & Vision.

Here are my questions :

Where is your heart’s calling your attention?

Which games do you love playing since you’re a kid?

What do you love doing?

Think in patterns. Think in actions taken and how they adapt to your life situations

Observe how your life has been following a creative pattern of realising your heart’s project. It is maybe not like the images you associate with it but it is here. You can see the manifestations of your creation in every one of your steps.

You can call it your soul’s purpose, your passion, your mission, your heart’s calling, your vocation or else. It is all the same, it is what you seem to be doing anyway.

Mending our hearts.

When our heart is called, it can trigger pains of our past. Many of us have a broken heart, we have been hurt. We have experienced mistrust, lies, rejection, abuse, betrayal, … We have suffered.

It is time to heal our hearts.

This is a deep intense self-work and it is necessary. Why would you want to carry past pains with you? Why not letting them go to open the space for new? I know it is a challenge to release our pains. But I believe it is essential to our evolution. Do you want your kids to carry the weight of our broken hearts? No you want to teach them how to love, how to nurture and trust themselves.

That’s what we have to do for ourselves. We are not alone, we are all mending our hearts. It can be done together by listening to each other, sharing with each other, holding space for the others, nurturing each other…

We can do it together.

We hold in each of us the power of the collective. Feel your inner light and let it shine out.

Leo & Aquarius

Leo is fire, it is our joyous playful inner child. It is this child loving to show itself to everyone. A child that loves and generously gives its love. A child that is self-assured because its strenght is powered by its self-love. Like a fire that keeps burning because it is nurtured.

Aquarius is higher than air, it is ethereal. It is a nurturing divine energy that clears our way. It is our vision. It is the collective.

Opposites attract because they complement each other. With the power of leo, Aquarius can direct its vision into actions. With the clarity of Aquarius, Leo can manifests its love into its reality. It can project its self-love into the collective.

The child is wise because it trusts its heart to guide its action.

Stepping into Love.

If you accept yourself the way you are, if you let yourself be guided by your feelings, if you authorize yourself to daydream and play, you will access your vision and it will guide your steps on perfect timing. And you will feel so much better about everything else.

Your are naturally harmonized with life. Stop fighting. Act peacefully.

Let love flow through you.

Our self-love is the key to our evolution.

We have each other.

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May love fill your heart,

I love you,


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