Full Moon June 2020 (5/6th)

Full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun. When the sun sets, look behind you and you will see the moon rising.

We are still experiencing this intense energy wave as you can feel it. Some days highs and some days lows, we are learning to listen to how we feel and nurture ourselves in all conditions.

This full moon happens with the sun in Gemini and the moon in Saggitarius. The sun is near by Venus and Mercury (in Pisces) is not far. The Sun and in Gemini enlight its energy.

Remember the last new moon was in Gemini, therefore I invite you to read or re-read my last New Moon Message. And to reconnect with the full moon of December 2019 resonating with Saggitarius and Gemini: My Tarot’s Insight and the podcast.

I hold my inner being.
Soothing my reaction
To the change happening.
My whole in union,
Acting for my creation.

The full moon is enlightening our expansion since new moon. Observe and become aware of your communication.

How do I feel? How do I transmit? How do I receive?

Drop the judgment. Drop the “taken for granted”.

Let yourself observe your process of communication from a new perspective. A new vision you express with new words.

Create a new story.

Open to your expansion.

Let yourself flow.

Moon in Sagittarius: Fire – Arrow – Mutable

Sun in Gemini: Air – Twins – Mutable

Observe the interactions, become aware of the connections. Care for the details but don’t get fixated in them. Like stucking yourself to believe one day of the week is better than another. Allow every moment to take its own space, to express itself in its specificity which is unique. This is the only judgment I see here and now: different – unique – similar.

We are all the same.

And if we are talking about communication, it is important to expand from ourselves and become aware of the communication of the whole. Observe the mechanism at play because we are all reflecting in and out. What you focus on in the world shows an expression of the center you are transmitting from.

This full moon, I feel action and communication. Reactions are actions sparked by communication.

Allow yourself to play with the timings of time.

You are not a clock, you are not a calendar, you are not stuck in time.

We are time itself as we are reflecting it. All around is expressing time its own unique way too. We can see time passing everywhere.

Take a moment to observe the time of your mind and its actions.

How have you been evolving? How your thoughts are evolving? How your words are evolving?

Take the time.

You vision of actions want to be expressed. You want to take action for your vision. Your passion of now, do it.

If it means changing your way of living, do it. Set your focus on doing it now. Integrate your spirit in your physicality.

Make the changes to open the path to where you are aiming to.

Remember to appreciate here and now.

I love you,


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