Full Moon August 2020

We are now at this time of full moon. When we are aligned between the moon and sun opposing themselves. When the moon is reflecting the sun’s light on all her side, she is at her brightest expression. Our night sky is enlightened and the stars’ lights are faded.

Remember this is the effect of a specific alignement because the moon is always full and always here. It’s only what we can see of her that changes.

What we see is a creation of now.

Moon enters Aquarius Sunday 2nd evening (European time)/Monday 3rd morning (NZ time) and is opposite the sun 24hours later.

This full moon happens in the house of Aquarius, opposite the sun in the house of Leo. Before transiting into Aquarius and aligning itself opposite our sun, the moon will conjunct Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. These three planets are shaking our world during this year of 2020. So let’s see how it all unfolds…

How are you feeling?

Since new moon, I feel a wind of clarity has been flowing through. It feels lighter, life smells good and everyday brings new delightful surprises. Our power of manifestation seems to materialise at fast speed as well. Have you noticed how your thoughts are manifesting into action with ease and promise?

This full moon is guiding us to take actions following our heart. Let’s release the pressure of doing for others and appreciate every moment for what it brings to us. Our fulfillment is reached by being centered.

I do for me now.

This may sound egocentric to some of you and I am asking you to observe how it feels.

How does being self-centered feel?

How does it feel to care for myself?

How does it feels to prioritize myself?

Observe how your body reacts and how your mind thinks. Observe the quality of your alignement.

The full moon is the creation of an opposition. An opposition seen from our earthy center. So why not playing the game of being self-centered and observing our own oppositions.

I’ve been raised in a culture where the concept of egocentrism and selfcenteredness are seen as not the right thing to be. It’s often associated with not caring for others and many other negative connotations that might pop up in your thoughts now reading these words. I disagree with it all. My self is my center and not considering it for what it is is dismissing my own self.

If my heart is filled with love and compassion and my actions are an expression of it, I create with love and compassion. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Being self-centered is the best way of doing for my life’s creation.

As all comes from me, if “me” is cared for, all that comes out of me will be resonating this caring vibe.

I vibrate from my center.

I invite to be you without the pressure of guilt, your background education, anger, shame, impatience or any rising tension blocking your self-expression.

Let the fire of transformation burn what doesn’t serve you.

Our sun is now in shiny expressive Leo. The sun is home in Leo, it is where it feels cosy and safe to simply be. You know when you are in your home on your own, it feels liberating. The space is yours and you can do how you feel without disturbing/interacting with others being here. Cool!

That’s what Leo is all about: me being me and doing me just for me.

Article about the Leo energy here.

Like the sun is the center of our rotating world, Leo is this energy of being self-centered. It’s not about pleasing others but doing our own show.

When I express from my heart, I vibrate love.

So people feel this love around you and love feels warming. I invite you to read this article about how to vibrate love.

The moon in Aquarius is vibrating the opposite of this self-love energy. Aquarius is a vision of the whole. It is pouring out love to everything. In the astrology story, Aquarius is the water bearer and I see a being showering earth with love. Aquarius shines Leo’s love on everything. It is the vision of creating with love. Leo is a fire energy, it is acting with love and aquarius is an air/ether energy, it is thinking/visioning with love.

From my center, my vibration is empowered.

My interpretation is rooted in my own experience of living life. I love expressing the stories of my visions. And I love listening to everyone’s vision too. Life is about interconnecting our specialties.

Play the Leo game and share your light. Share your truth expressed with love and passion for yourself. Being you, existing here and now is a miracle and it has to be celebrated at every moment.

Act on your vision of love for all by doing it for you too.

Be your own superstar. Perform your life for yourself. Infuse all your actions with playfulness and passion.

You are your own creation. Appreciate who you are now.

My heart is bursting with love and my passion is to share my infinite source of love with all.

I love you,


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