Full Moon Aquarius

We are now at this time of full moon. When we are aligned between the moon and sun opposing themselves. When the moon is reflecting the sun’s light on all her side, she is at her brightest expression. Our night sky is enlightened and the stars’ lights seem faded.

Remember this is the effect of a specific alignement because the moon is always full and always here. It’s only what we can see of her that changes.

My vision is unique.

This full moon happens in the house of Aquarius, opposite the sun in the house of Leo.

How are you feeling?

Full Moon Magic.

This full moon is guiding us to take actions following our heart. Let’s release the pressure of doing for this voice in our head that seems to expect more and appreciate every moment for what it brings to us. Our fulfillment is reached by seeing it happening now. We have all we need in this moment to feel whole.

I am whole

There is also this voice of the other that can pop up telling us we are not acceptable as we are. Maybe you feel that you don’t fit. No matter the voices and what you have been told, please take a moment to deep breathe and connect with your heart and soul. Ask the growing child in you to tell you what it wants to do. Listen and let it be.

Practice being yourself.

I do me now.

This may sound egocentric or impossible to some of you … observe what pops up.

Full Moon Investigation :

How does being self-centered feel?

How does it feel to care for myself?

How does it feels to prioritize myself?

Observe how your body reacts and how your mind thinks. Observe the quality of your alignement.

Take a moment to sit with your notebook and answer these questions. Read your answers to listen to yourself. How do you feel now ? How do you receive your own self ?

The full moon is the creation of an opposition. An opposition seen from our earthy center. So why not playing the game of being self-centered and observing our own oppositions ?

Observing our self expressing is fascinating. Being reading our words, watching a video of us, listening to our voice recording, seeing our paintings, etc.

How do I face myself ?

I’ve been raised in a culture where the concept of egocentrism and selfcenteredness are seen as not the right thing to be. It’s often associated with not caring for others and many other negative connotations that might pop up in your thoughts now reading these words. I disagree with it all. My self is my center and not considering it for what it is is dismissing my own self.

My vision.

If my heart is filled with love and compassion and my actions are an expression of it, I create with love and compassion. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Being self-centered is the best way of doing for my life’s creation.

As all comes from me, if “me” is cared for, all that comes out of me will be resonating this caring vibe.

I vibrate from my center.

I invite you to be you without the pressure of guilt, your background education, anger, shame, impatience or any rising tension blocking your self-expression.

Let the fire of transformation burn what doesn’t serve you.

Feel your metamorphosis.

I am a leader.

Our sun is now in shiny expressive Leo. The sun is home in Leo, it is where it feels cosy and safe to simply be. You know when you are at home on your own, it feels liberating. The space is yours and you can do how you feel without disturbing/interacting with others being here. Cool!

The thing is that we are living in society, we are social beings so it is important to allow ourself to be ourself anytime and with everyone. Why showing ourself only in some situations and not others ? Look at the moon she is always present as herself, she is simply showing different parts belonging to her whole. So why not like the moon accepting to be many in one ?

If I learn how to offer the space for myself, I also learn how to offer the others their own space too.

We are many living with each other and there is space for everyone. We simply have to keep centered on ourself, not project on the other nor expect from the other.

Leo is generous because it knows that to sustain itself it has to fulfill itself. And for that it needs to be part of the world, to take his part and play is role with passion.

We are our own leaders.

Simply Leo : I do me. You do you. Let’s play !

Article about the Leo energy here.

Self-centered and complete.

Like the sun is the center of our rotating world, Leo is this energy of being self-centered. It’s not about pleasing others but doing our own show.

When I express from my heart, I vibrate love.

So people feel this love around you and love feels warming. I invite you to read this article about how to vibrate love.

The full moon in Aquarius is vibrating the completion of this self-love energy. Aquarius is a vision of the whole. It is pouring out love to everything. In mythology, Aquarius is the water bearer and I see a being showering earth with love. Aquarius shines Leo’s love on everything. It is the vision of creating with love. Leo is a fixed fire energy, it is sustanable. It is acting with love and Aquarius is a fixed air/ether energy, it is thinking/visioning love. They are both centered on love.

To vibrate love we also have to vision love.

From my alignement, my vibration is empowered.

Play the Leo Game !

Play the Leo game and share your light. Share your truth expressed with love and passion for yourself. Being you, existing here and now is a miracle and it has to be celebrated at every moment.

Act on your vision of love for all by doing it for you too.

Be your own superstar. Perform your life for yourself. Infuse all your actions with playfulness and passion.

You are your own creation. Simply appreciate.

I love me. I love you.

Can we play now ?

Photo : Mount Kaukau, Wellington, New Zealand. Full Moon Aquarius 2020

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