Full Moon April 2020

This message has been uploaded inspired by the waxing moon (from new moon to full moon) and is for who is receiving it here and now.

I channeled this message in a new way. The new is happening for all of us and it’s a surprise to see how it manifests. I enjoyed observing myself writing and channeling in new ways. What a blessing to be in life!

The moon is full on 7/8th April 2020. It will be in the house of Libra as the sun is opposite in the house of Aries. It is the first full moon of the astrological year (starting with sun entering Aries at the march équinoxe).

My inspired message of now:

A break to reassess
What’s my priority?
What do I wish for?
What do I honestly enjoy doing?

Sometimes we make ourselves believe that we want something and we keep telling ourselves that’s our truth. But in a situation of extreme, we realise it is not really what we thought it was. A new truth is emerging from within us.
We tell ourselves we want to do this way but we never really do it as we say. So instead of keeping this inner pressure, why not letting it go. Why not accepting it is not what we wish for after all.

It is weird to drop a dream we believed in once we realise it is time for a new one. Maybe the old dream has been fulfilled, maybe it is an illusion of a dream born of our own persuasion, of social pressure, of our upbringing conditioning or else.

Our reality is an illusion of ourselves.

I mean all we see, we create for ourselves.  You can easily assess that by observing how other people see life and how you see yours. There are differences and similarities. We are all living here together but the way we see life is unique for each one of us.

My reality is my vision.

It’s a self creation and a group creation. Every reality connected with the other. Like we are all unique and interconnected.
Everything is connected and we can’t separate what is.
When we try to separate, we create tension because the other reality wants to be accepted, not denied.

Acceptance is appreciating what is for what it is.

If judgment may pops in, observe how you’re judging. Its matter and its sensation. Also see that the judgment comes from you so it has to do with you. Address that.

I see judging as an observation of our balance. I accept judgment as a reality and I integrate it as my own to appreciate it. What’s bothering the balance is not the judgment, it is the quality of the judgment. Don’t judge people’s values. Judge their specialties and similarities.

I am unique compared to you and I am similar to you too.

You create the balance by accepting all realities as part of one.
Our own illusion of now is part of our reality. Every now is a new illusion. Every reality is an illusion. Reality and illusion are the same and they are different. All pieces part of one.

We observe that some illusions are what we want and others what we don’t want. Again we are playing with the balance. It is not one or the other, it is all of it together.

Whatever the illusion we are living in, it is our will to see this way therefore it is important to accept it as it is. If we realise it is not what we want, we create another one.

Remember, your vision is your choice.

Illusions are productions of nature. The elements playing with each other create multiple effects: fog, smoke, mist, mirage, etc. Sometimes it is still to see through clearly, sometimes it is moving to reflect another clarity. For example, when smoke or fog lifts up, it unveils a new reality, when smoke is blown away by the wind or the fire dies, it clarifies the space.

Observing how the elements interact in our outside nature shows us the play happening in our inner nature.

Some of us have the tendency to illusion ourselves more than others but I believe we are all playing with illusions if we translate what we see for an illusion of reality.

So a break is a perfect timespace to reassess. This break you’re taking for yourself can be done alone and in isolation or else. It can be seen as an illusion of the time in the womb. Or we can see it as a time of retreat, a wonderful home retreat.

A time to reset our dream.

I experience life as a blessing so every situation is an offering of peace. I know my vision of reality is my choice so whatever is happening where I am I do not take it as imposed on me. I take charge for myself and I make the choice to create the best situation for myself out of the general energies.

Wherever you are right now, this is your home for now. There is nothing else than home to be doing right now.
I remind you that home is your physical body too.
See yourself as your own home and everything around you is a projection/a reflection/an illusion of this body home.
Look at the state of your envirronemental home, it will show you the state of your inner home. If it doesn’t feel like it, make the changes to tune your feeling with your seeing.

We create the balance.

This full moon in Libra resonates with what happened during the last Libra season which was after the September equinoxe 2019.

What were the subjects in your thoughts? What your mind-body was feeling?
Where and with who were you?

Remember – Observe – Learn

I started this message talking about the illusions of our dreams so I invite you to observe within yourself and be honest:

Are your dreams truly yours? Where are the roots of your dreams? What is the story of your life dream?

Blow the wind of truth to shatter the illusion
Accepting that my mission is doing me with passion
I realise some of my dreams were illusions covering the true calling of my heart.
I enjoy this break to reassess with love and compassion for myself and all.

To be inspired:

Honour your feelings,

I love you too,


Thank you to my friend Stéphane André for his beautiful picture of this waxing moon.

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