Full Moon 31 October 2020

A full moon at 8° Taurus opposite the sun in Scorpio.

At full moon, a new clarity is being enlightened in relation with the last new moon. I invite you to read my new moon in Libra message et re-affirm your new moon intentions.

Remember this month of October 2020 also started with a full moon. Observe how you cycled this month, read here the last full moon message.

How are you feeling? What is calling for attention within yourself?

Remember who you are.

This full moon is sending us strong active energies. It feels like we are being strongly supported to make it happen for ourselves. This translate differently for everyone. To know what’s going on for yourself, take a moment to center and quieten your mind.

Your spiritual practice is the key to your serenity.

The energy of Taurus is facing us with our willpower. Our self is calling to take action to manifest our beauty. Manifestation is a work of patience and faith. Taurus steps in continuously to create its beautiful material dimension. It is about coming into our natural human bodies and honoring ourselves. Taurus is a hard-worker. Hardworking doesn’t mean pressure and stress, not at all. Hardwork is building with passion. Every step is made of love. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the time to re-connect with your inner magic. Treat your body with the love it deserves.

The sun is opposite the moon in Scorpio. Scorpio season started about a week before this full moon. It is a season of deep emotional renewal. We are travelling from Libra season towards Sagittarius season, from air to fire through water. To journey through water we need to lighten up and keep focused. Our human body needs attention and space to restore itself, to regenerate.

Scorpio invites us to let go. This transformation is a time of reconnection to our spirit. You are here to shine yourself. Taking the spacetime to care, to slow down, to respect our nature is enlightening.

Your emotional balance is in constant movement. Adapting to the moment allows you to navigate life feeling safe and strong. For that a daily practice is beneficial to unite your self (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions).

Receive from yourself.

What new actions can I take to create my confort?

How can I organise my days to support my emotional well-being?

How can I integrate my self-love in my actions?

Observe your thoughts, they will lead you to your actions. If you feel confused and overwhelmed, it is time for you to work on your peace of mind.

A clear mind is open to receive.

During this month of November, make yourself confortable to allow your release. Listen to your will and take action for you.

You are worth love, beauty, respect, abundance, trust, support and compassion.

I do for me.

I act with love.

I care for my beauty.

Step by step. Breath by breath.

This month, I am offering you a live weekly guidance chat to navigate the energies at play and a live discussion to share about my awakening experience. All infos on my Facebook page.

More insights on my Guidance Video of the energy of this full moon.

Focus on you. Read here.

I love you,


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