Full Moon 1/2 Oct 2020

An energy forecast tuned with the moon cycle. Let’s tune in with now.

The moon is opposite the sun and reflecting fully its light. The seeds you planted at the last new moon are blossoming. I invite you to read again the last new moon message here.

What were your new moon intentions?

How are you feeling?

The actions you took since the new moon are now coming up to light.

I received this message this morning and it said: “Even the smallest candlelight can brighten the darkness.”

Your action doesn’t have to be bright, big or famous to trigger the change you desire. Sometimes our smallest moves make waves. What’s important is that you are following your heart and stepping in to create your life. Also, what feels big for one doesn’t necessarily feel big for another one. Observe that you are tuned in differently with everyone. It’s like the moon cycling around the wheel of our sky and meeting other planets on its way. Life is the same, we are going forward on our path and meeting whom we are supposed to meet on our way or not. We interconnect with each one depending on both our vibration.

You know when you are very close and in tune with someone and suddenly it feels like your world are splitting apart or the opposite when you feel far away from someone’s and suddenly you reunite. Life is surprising in the way we interconnect on unique timings.

It’s a game of vibration.

My full moon affirmation is:

I attract what I desire.

We all do. Nonetheless I like reminding myself of the effect of the law of attraction. My affirmation supports my day, my intentions and all I don’t know yet.

The power of our vibration is infinite.

So you are going for it, aren’t you? Stepping day by day on the path of your realization. Well done!

Full moon is an auspicious time to celebrate your inner self. All the emotions flowing through you, all the challenges you’re experiencing in your life, celebrate you are a living being alive here and now. We are living times of deep transformation and the world is going through an inner revolution, a revolution of self. So let’s go through these changing time following our higher spirit, the one believing in the best, the one full of love and acceptance.

I trust.

If you feel uncertainties and worries and your head is spinning with incessant thoughts about your situation, your safety, your future, and all the rest. If this is what’s happening for you, observe that your emotional overwhelm is boiling up in your head. No judgment. It is ok to feel unsettled and unsure. Accept how you are feeling and take action to support your wellbeing of here and now. You will meet with clarity if you vibrate it. Bring in your daily life new habits that will help you relax and feel safe. Here and now, focus on centering and grounding. (If you have no idea what to do, you can start here).

This full moon happens in Aries, opposite the sun in Libra, where the last new moon happened. We are still in the Libra cycle. Libra is the scales, it’s about balance, a balance found by allowing ourself to flow. Libra is a cardinal sign, it sets a direction. Our balance is created by our movement. Put it into action now and stand on one foot. Your whole self has to harmonize to keep your equilibrium. Our balance is very self-centered with at the same time involving in the equation all that is surrounding us. If it’s windy or if you are on movable grounds, your actions to keep your balance will be different. Isn’t it what life is all about? Especially this 2020 year with all the Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto actions in Capricorn, again we are living a revolution of the world as we know it (Read about Capricorn here).

Opposites attract and complete each other and “being self-centered in my actions” is the energy of Aries (cardinal fire). You are doing for you but it doesn’t mean that you are separated from the other. Our interconnection and vibrational attraction are playing in our balance as we talked about.

Read here the message of the opposite full moon that happened six months ago when sun was in Aries and moon in Libra.

I have this vision of me learning how to slackline: The line is set in between two strong and grounded trees and I am on one foot shaking while trying to lift my other foot of the ground. My friend is next to me offering his shoulder to hold on to support my action.

Our friends, families, communities, societies are our support. And none of it is permanently set the way it is, all is flowing and adapting to the cycles of life to be in harmony.

No matter is permanent. We are evolving, mutating, splitting and fusing. We are living beings.

One last thing: The moon is close by Mars in Aries (until January 2021) and Mars is home in Aries which emphasizes its energy. Mars is now retrograde and the retrograde energy offers us sometime space to reflect on our projects and actions. Re-assess. Be patient. All happens on time.

There is so much to chat about…Life is happening!

To keep your ground, keep your spirit. And allow your spirit to express through you.

A full moon is enlightening so follow the light. It may seems like it is only a spark now but if you nurture it, it will grow into a fire.

Breathing is an action. Keep cool.

May the light shine within you,

I love you,


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