You are a forever traveler

Dear lovers of life,

Traveling is awesome!!!

When we think about traveling we all have images flowing inside our eyes. It feels good.

We often project ourselves far away.

I want to chat about the every moment traveling. You know you can travel where you are now.

I see traveling as a way of life. A life filled with adventures and discoveries. You can have this life in your every days.

Think about it. What is traveling: going to a new destination, meeting a new culture, meeting new people, new food and all the rest. It’s about exploring the new. That’s traveling the way I live it. It’s a state of mind.

I go out of my home and I see people doing different things than me, they have different lives simply and observing that projects me into the new.

I’m experiencing my days consciously.

I look around, I notice details. I’m taking public transportation and enjoying the futuristic vehicles we travel in. I’m enjoying the way people walk around their own ways.

I’m asking simple questions. I enjoy meeting the new.

It’s about changing your vision.

Your routine is what it is because you see it this way. If you start observing the differences every movement of your day brings, suddenly routine is not what it seemed yesterday.

Open your eyes and smile.

Wherever you are, the new is here too.

Wherever you are, it’s unique at every moment.

If you like traveling, transform yourself into a forever traveler.

Be a tourist in your own environment.

Think like a pirate exploring a new land.

Feel the adventure.

Use your imagination to make your every moment magical. Create new stories.


Travel now and have fun!

You are the creator of your life.😎

More inspiration:

I love you 💖


Picture: Playing on the lake, taken in Val Morin, Québec, Canada.

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