Energy report – Fool Moon December 2021

Full moon 18/19th December 2021. I channel this message with the rising full moon energies. It is timeless and will find who is seeking inspiration and guidance.

Take the action.

Implement your vision.

You put it all in motion already, so go for it.

Re-ignite your passion.

Take what you have to create all you want.

And you do this now because later “what you want” may have evolved. Always changing. Movement is thrilling if we keep strong in our healthcare. Only with a well nourished body can we sustain our extravaganza. We are taking so many actions everyday, even a few at once ! Our thoughts think this way and our body feels this other way. We can disscociate so easily, it’s incredible.

What a power !

So, how do we sustain ourselves evolving ?

How do we keep exploring ?

How do we keep creating ?

How to sustain our energy levels to keep going for it ?

Care for your body.

Caring means support it to grow and transform with all of you.

Caring means allowing yourself the time to rest and regenerate.

Caring means doing these simple actions that you know treat you well.

Caring means aligning your thoughts with your heart.

Stop giving your authority to forces of discordance and disobediance.

Nourish yourself with acts, thoughts

and movements of Self-Love.

Explore your healthy you, you new you.

Influence it with intelligence.

Care for your whole.

Explore your new you, influence every moment with unconditional love.

Let your Self surprise you !

You deserve your best. Allow it to flow in.

I wish you a magic fool moon.

May you explore your Self with playfulness and love.

I chat more about the astro energies of this full moon in my Telegram group :

To keep exploring on the subject :

May self-love guide your next move,

Joyous celebration of your Self !

Océanie G. Albrand

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