Finding the time for myself while giving to the others.

I create the balance at every step.

Every breath I take for myself, I also give to the other.

My balance is my creation.

When I do for the other, I also do for me.

We are social beings and our days are filled with interactions.

Our time can be shared with others and sometimes we forget ourselves.

It’s important to take time for yourself, to direct your action for yourself too.

I give to myself.

You’re not only giving out when you are with others, it happens when you are physically alone too. We are energy beings and when our mind is thinking away, it is giving our energy outwards.

Be conscious of your energy flow.

Beware of your phone: This communication tool is fantastic but can become an energy vampire if you don’t control yourself. The bipping of the messaging, the social medias and other apps and websites pulling us outward.

You are the one in control of your mind-body. Taking time for yourself is not staring at your screen or thinking about a situation not with you now. When you do that, your attention goes outward.

Your energy supply is infinite. If you feel tired and stressed it means your energy is not flowing. Often you are giving it out more than you are giving it in. The exchange of energy is unbalanced with your self.


You are the center of your life. Whatever you are doing or thinking, it comes from you. Re-establishing the balance of giving and receiving starts with you doing for you first.

It means you include yourself in all your actions. Even when you do for the others, you are doing for yourself too. You can give to you and the other at the same time.

Taking time for yourself is allowing your self the space to be.

Depending on your life, there are moments when you have some spacetime to allow yourself to retreat and other moments where life is asking you to do more for others. It’s ok. Whatever the situation you can take the space for yourself.

You create the balance with your mind. Your intention is key to center your actions.

When you are with someone else, remember yourself. You can easily do that by being conscious of yourself. Being conscious of yourself means you are connected with your center and this way you create a balance in your interactions with the others.

A few mindful tricks to stay connected with yourself in every action:

  • Feel yourself breathing.
  • Slow down your movements.
  • Put both feet planted on the ground.
  • Drop any tensions in your body where they’re not supposed to be (jaw, bottom, arms…)
  • Clarify your intention: you are doing what you are doing now by choice.
  • Take three deep breaths

Every small action counts.

Remember we are all energy beings therefore when you center your vibration, it benefits the people around you too.

Your mind has the power to change your life. Be the one to educate it to support you. These tricks are simple and powerful. You bring them into your daily routine by practicing them everyday.

Practice now.

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Experience your care.

I love you,


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