It’s time to face yourself

Feeling tired? Maybe drained or in pain?

Pick up your word, you are feeling this weight being lifted. Well before being lifted, the weight has to be recognized. But for sure it will be lifted if you address it 😋.

You have to address your emotions for them to be freed.

You are now being stirred between opportunities, things are accelerating and maybe your head is spinning.

You feel anger, guilt and reactive to what is. You are in a space of transition and it can be overwhelming.

We all have our own ways to express this overwhelming.

Whatever the words: I’m angry, I’m upset, I’m disappointed, I feel guilty, I feel paralyzed, I feel tense, I have a headache…. It’s simply you being faced with what stirs you up.

The universe is bringing you the situations triggering the change you need to make for yourself.

Be honest and realise it’s been coming for some time. If your body aches, it is not suddenly reacting, it has been sending you signals you didn’t listen. If you feel exhausted by your work or home situation, same, it has been sucking your energy for some time, you simply didn’t listen.

It’s time now to stop blinding yourself. And the amazing thing is the universe is doing it for us.

It’s time to face yourself. Whatever is coming up, accept how you feel. Maybe you see it as the worst but no one is asking you to judge. We just want you to see clearly the situation and accept what is.

When you don’t accept how you feel, the feeling gets out towards the other. This way it can bounce back on you. Your inside will find the way to show itself to you for you to see yourself. From a little bump on your toe to your body feeling paralysed. Or from a tense moment with your fruit seller to a full argument with your taxi driver.

If you don’t deal with what is, what is will find the way to be seen.

Life is funny and it’s ok to feel funny with it.

So if you’re angry to the world, observe why you’re angry with yourself

If you feel judged, observe your own judgment.

If you’re feeling pain, understand it’s time to rest and listen to your body.

If you feel paralysed, observe where you’re blocking yourself.

If you feel drained, observe where you give away your energy.

Often we block ourselves from receiving. Receiving from ourselves and from the others.

Until you address yourself with how you feel, it will come to you in many surprising ways 😉
Sometimes, the energies are intense, so it’s normal to feel the intensity. You can’t change that. What you can change is how you react to it.

Accept what is and deal with it with compassion.

Whatever the situation, love yourself.

However the words in your mind, love yourself.

Remember we are all living and feeling together. So if the other is becoming an annoyance, take a step away…for now anyway. And if the other offers you the space to be, accept its presence as a blessing for your breathing.

Allow yourself the space to be.

Love yourself.

I love you too 😘,

Océanie 🔥

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