Healing Shame

I feel ashamed…
Shame to have expressed myself

Shame to have done what I did...
Shame to have been how I felt like being...

Shame to feel how I feel..
Shame to be how I am...

I’m so ashamed….

Shame comes as a judgment of myself. A non-supportive and non-loving judgment. Shame is part of a relationship. It is a reaction in relation of another. It’s a reaction of how we think the other might think about me.

It’s tricky.

I don’t know what the other feels and thinks and I will never know because I am not this other. What I know is how I feel, what I think and what the other shares/communicates with me. My thoughts are leading me to shame and that’s questionable as shame is not an opening and supportive vibration.

Whatever the other thinks of me, shame is not to be.

Why am I ashamed of myself?
Because when I feel shame it’s coming from my inside. It’s about how I see myself in comparison of the other.
You see we reflect each other emotionally. How my water vibrates is in resonance with how your water vibrates. Then how we translate it in our minds is up to us.
If the word shame appears in your thoughts, notice it. It is a big bright sign to work on that. When you work on yourself, you take time to observe your thoughts. Not to find stories to justify them.

Observe the vibration of the word. Every word has its own vibration and vocabulary associated to it. It automatically opens little boxes that go with it.

Let’s observe: Shame – ridiculous – ashamed – intimidated – apologetic …

You see one duality calls the other one. If the words feel negative, look to oppose it to its positive. Open how you see the situation.

Let’s observe: Confidence – trust – acceptance …

Now you have a wider view.
From that new perspective, you create a support to heal yourself.
You support your transformation into the positive aspect.

Why the positive side of life? Simple, that’s how I want to think. I also want to be in harmony with myself which means accepting how I am and how I act. So I act compassionate with myself and initiate a process to reinforce my self love.

Do affirmations:

I trust myself.
I accept myself.
I have confidence.
I love myself.

Each time you repeat one of these magic spells to yourself you create the change. You bring a vibration of love towards yourself and it is transforming.

Water flows at its own rythm and it’s the same for our emotions. They transform on their own timing depending on everything. So instead of diving deep in this infinity of everything, I choose to go straight to my center and create the change here, inside of me. I heal myself from my inside. The outside exists and is the way it is. So for now I focus on myself only with myself.

I love myself.

The vibrations of love, compassion, harmony, acceptance and trust are healing what needs to be healed within me. At the beginning it may feel intense to express love to yourself. It’s ok. Breathe deeply and let yourself be.

Step by step, day after day, the process of healing happens and you are transforming into a loving self.

You are creating yourself.

Breathe and allow yourself to experience your transformation.

Enjoy the process of evolution.

May Love guide your steps,


Picture: Love shape – taken in Val Morin, Québec, Canada. I travelled there three weeks to visit a friend. It was all new, the weather climate is unique there and it was my first time experiencing it. My body wanted to sleep, eat and go for walks. It was an incredible journey!

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