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An inspiring and beautiful soul

Oce is an incredible empowering person in my life. With her I started taking the first steps on my spiritual journey, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Living with her in her magical home in Cambodia I found a bubble of unconditional love and experienced true abundance of all needs and desires. Her intuition and healing abilities allow her to be a channel between the universal flow and all of us. She guided me to see what was already inside of me, and to love myself completely for that.
A dear friend, guru and sister.


Talented reader and healer!

Oce is such a welcoming and beautiful soul. I have had a couple of healing sessions and also intuitive readings from her and they were so helpful. Highly recommend! Thank you Oce!!


I met Océanie at a

I met Océanie at a yoga retreat in Bali and I could immediately feel her nurturing yet playful energy. She is a magical, powerful and deeply inspiring woman who has helped and supported me in so many ways. To remember to always observe the world around me, the insects, the elements, how the water flows and the sun shines, to take guidance from the universe and the moon, ‘TO DO YOU’ as she says! Also, to accept and appreciate all emotions that rise up within me, to allow myself the time and space to de-pressuring and let it out when I need to and to dance and sing when I want to. To remember the inner child inside.

I had a session with her when I was feeling very low and out of balance with my energy and the world around me. I could feel the energy moving in my body, clearing and making way for the new and bright energy flowing in. She explained it was unconditional love. The following week after I was flooded with energy I had never felt before and a deep sense of love and appreciation for the world around me. She has inspired me to want to be a healer and also reminded me that we are all our own healers.


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