Rising up to Full Moon & September2019

The moon is brightening and showing herself more every day. The exact full moon time is early morning Saturday (European timings). We are now experiencing a growing cycle.

Today the moon is in Aquarius, tomorrow, Thursday, during the day she will pass into Pisces and the full moon is happening while the moon is in this piscean house. The sun is in Virgo (about Virgo) and Pisces is opposite which is what we call a full moon.

We are feeling the energies rising in intensity. We are living times of destiny. Observe your evolution of the last few months, of the last year…

You’ve been wanting to do specific things, you’ve been talking about it and stepping in. Even if sometimes it felt like nothing was going forward, like you were going nowhere with your life. A feeling that is not comfortable and creates tension and doubts. You have been dealing with yourself with self care.

Whatever the situation is, if your focus is your own well-being, you are on the right path.

Today observe what you are doing. Surely you initiated the new already. See it happening now.

I am in the new

All the things you wanted are happening on their own timing. If you feel stuff is blocking your way, look inside yourself to find where is your own resistance. What’s coming from your outside is reflecting your inside. Therefore to change your situation, change your ways: how do you self-care? How do you talk to yourself? How do you support yourself?

Don’t project your responsibility outwards. You are responsible for yourself so own yourself.

Accept your truth even if it’s not pleasing you. How can you transform if you don’t start from where you are now?

If you see yourself doing the new and acting for what you want, well done! Keep going trusting yourself. Keep believing in the magic of life. You now know focusing on your own love is the key to your growth. You are realising now that this power you’re harvesting in you is inspiring and supporting everyone around you.

I am doing me.

I’m doing great.

And when doubts and pressure of time show themselves, say no and refocus on here and now.

Remember to do you.

All your actions are a reflection of your center, of who you are. Therefore if you love yourself, all that you do will show love. Simple.

Enjoy now,

I love you,


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