Cycles Update – Shifting from Leo to Virgo season

Are you feeling this transition happening?

Our sky is shifting too. This week we’re strongly coming back to earth: Mars, Venus and the Sun ingress in the house of Virgo.

Virgo season is supporting us to integrate all this new passion we discovered within ourselves into our everyday. We are now coming into a cycle of integration.

We have experienced the Leo season, full of passion and discovery. The sun was home in Leo, it recharged itself big time. Now full of passion for itself and what it wants to do, it is time to step into all of it and create our reality in tune with our new passion for our life.
Leo feels like a masculine energy and Virgo is symbolised by the virgin woman. The woman coming into who she is, empowering herself at every step. Realising the world is full of surprises and going forward with trust following the path of her passion. The masculine is realigning with its feminine.

I invite you to look inside every details of your daily life. How do you move around your house? How do you attend your daily routine?
Observe your behaviour, your reactions, your assumptions. Observe everything.

Your passion is this feeling of being alive. When you do something fully present in your action. You’re doing with passion. Leo season has shown you who you are when you are yourself. The one enjoying life. The one excited about what’s happening now. You create yourself out of self-love.

Virgo is grounding this passion into your everyday life. Virgo is meticulous and practical. The energy of Virgo is taking us on a journey with our daily habits. It’s time to look at all the details of your life and tune them in with your dream. See yourself with compassionate eyes means looking at yourself with passion for yourself.

Compassion is made from passion.

You are your best lover. The virgin is not seeking a partner to fulfill her. She is sovereign of herself. She is independant in living her passions. She is alive at everystep. She enjoys partners to explore the new and create together here and now.

We are coming into alignment between how we feel and how we act.

Are you enjoying everyone of your actions? Do you feel alive at every step you take?

It’s time now to ground your passion into the here and now. Whatever place you are, whatever you are doing, bring this joy of being alive into it.

The last full moon showed us some clarity on our projects. To keep manifesting what you want, dive deeper into your dream.

Live your beliefs.

We are talking about integration. It’s not for yesterday or tomorrow. You are living for now.

I enjoy now.

The shift is happening and it is intense. From this fire energy consuming itself to the earth energy slowing down and rooting.

Maybe your body is calling out for some rest. If any pain/tension/un-ease rise up in your body, listen to its message. Slow down to take the time to care for yourself and regenerate all the energy you consumed this last cycle. (Listen and do accordingly, Conscious Support Podcast).

I am doing recharging.

Your body is guiding you to change your habits to support your self transformation. You know it so listen and act in alignment with how you feel.

Enjoy the shift.

I love you,

Océanie 🙏

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