Here & Now – In extraordinary times

A message I received with the energies of a new moon and eclipse. My messages are timeless, I simply channel them on perfect timing for myself. This perfect timing is unique for every one of us.

Do you feel the whispers of chance?

The chance to feel here and now

The chance to be who we are.

The actions have been taken for your new projects and now you can see clearly what you’ve done. It’s like a sudden realisation of all of you.

We want to focus on the new only. No more of what was before, we accept it is past. Now we want to realise the new. All the dreams and projects are materialising. We are feeling it and seeing it and living it.

Wow it feels brighter suddenly 💖

We remember to appreciate what we created for ourselves.

I built my life for reasons of the past and I’m learning to appreciate what I’ve given to myself. If today I want to evolve from my present, I create new ways of doing for myself. I go back to the basics: I learn how to take care of myself.

Yes you are feeling this impulse to do for you now. So listen to yourself and take action.

Surely you initiated new habits and activities already, it’s great. Look at yourself doing it.

I’d you don’t feel it’s been happening, what’s blocking you to step into the new? What are you holding on from the past that creates a resistance? It is coming from within. Be honest with yourself 💖

Acknowledge yourself: what you’ve done to be here today, all the experience you have. Realise that your new is emerging from the lessons of the past. Whatever is this past, accept it and use your knowledge to create new.

What’s happening in our sky?

We are starting a new cycle. Last Tuesday was a new moon and an eclipse. The new moon is a new cycle of the moon beginning, an auspicious time to set your intentions. Also this new moon happened in the house of Cancer and guess what? It’s the house of the moon! Happy moon to be initiating its new cycle. From the moon’s point of view it’s a new start.

You know when you go back home, so many things usually happen. Observe.

We also magically have been granted an amazing show with the eclipse. Have you watched it? (Check out pics and vids on internet.)


This rare event gathered many of us together. I see it as a moment to acknowledge we are all here together.

We are all here living a human experience on planet earth.

We are feeling and evolving together.

We are lucky to be here on earth!


Love yourself. Love around yourself.

It starts within you.

Keep focusing on your mind and body health.

Do it for you. Do it for everyone.

Enjoy who you are in new ways.

I love you 💖


Picture for the live stream of the eclipse in Chile. Link here.

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