Sound Healing

This is an holistic healing with a energetic vibrational approach.

You are an energy being with a specific vibration. Your vibration is a reflection of how you feel therefore where there is tension and blockages in your mind and body, we can feel it in your general energetic field. That’s what I work on. Then on it’s own timing, your physical body will align with your new vibration.

You lay down and I work on your vibrational field. I unlock and clarify your energetic channels.

Sound is vibration. My healing technique is tuned in specifically with you and I chant with your body to elevate your vibration.

This treatment is for everyone.

You will awake feeling clearer and calmer.

  • We meet physically for 1h30.
  • Distance healing : Book here

Check where I am and contact me to organise a session. here

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