Distance Light & Energy Work

You are an energy being with a specific vibration. Your vibration is a reflection of how you feel therefore where there is tension and blockages in your mind and body, we can feel it in your general energetic field. That’s what I work on. Then on its own timing, your physical body will align with your new vibration.

You lay down at home and I work on your vibrational field from my home.

I;I create a sfae and loving ethereal space to embrace you. I call upon the angles and unconditional love spirits to assist me. Then, I open my channel and work to unlock and clarify your energy flow. After the healing channeling, I recreate your safe and strong unconditional love self space.

Then, on time (after or the next day if channeled at night), we share and I guide you into your in tegration process.

My healing channel is tuned in specifically with you. I am working with the divine to elevate your vibration.

You will awake feeling lighter and regenerated.

I work from a distance day and night. The session can happen during a relaxing moment or while you are sleeping. We create the spacetime adapted to you. About 44 minutes.

Contact me to organise a session here.

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