Work your Magic – Online Class

Learn how to work with your your light and with spirit.
You explore your own sensations and develop your natural power. You learn how to own and strenghten your unique Self.

I create a light grid/unconditional love vortex with spirit specifically for our class. You will feel held in a safe space to explore the unseen.

We start with a guided meditation to center, root and activate your field. We take a break to share and reflect in your journal. Then I will guide you in another practice : creating your light grid, clearing your field, healing connections/chords of attachment, supporting your body regeneration (healing illnesses), healing pains, calming your mental, etc. Also working with your spiritual team and specific spirits (Archangel Michael,Mother Mary, Tara, Quan Yin, Ganesha, Jesus, Buddha, etc )

Every class is unique and we will flow with the energies at play here and now.
Expect feeling more rooted, centred, lighter and aligned with your Self.
Expect something new and different.

Beneficial for everything : physical pains, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, boundaries, emotional balance, mental confusion, self-healing, psychic protection, intuitive development, self-healing…

Integrating an energy self-care practice in your day will support you to improve your life. Connecting with your core and embodying your own vibration will work its magic.

I guide you beyond your thoughts to experience your natural magic.

What you need :

  • Quiet space
  • Best with headphones
  • Comfort : cushion, blanket
  • Water
  • Your journal to record your experience and progress

–> Class on demand for individuals and groups.

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