Guidance January 2021

A new year is unfolding as we breathe. How wonderful to feel the opportunity to create new after the unsettling year we have just experienced. What will 2021 will be made of? How are we going to navigate our 2021 destiny? Who am I in 2021?

Let’s step into this new year with this month of January. As extraordinary as life is, January 2021 is launched by the full moon. Full moon is a time of enlightenment of the last new moon message and you can read my last new moon guidance here.

First 2021 is not defined by what is happening in January. Please be reassured that the steps you are making now are only your experience of now. It belongs to each one of us to create their own beliefs. So why not starting the year allowing ourselves to follow how we feel instead of how we’ve been taught to be?

After the movements of 2020 that shaked our status quo reality, it is now time to create what we are desiring for our life. 2021 is a renaissance of who we are as a human community.

What do I want for our society?

How do I wish to interact?

Who do I feel like being?

I invite you for this beginning of year to set an intention, a magic spell to guide your way all along this year. Keep it very simple to allow it to adapt to all situations. Personnally, my 2021 intention is a word. And it already showed its magic as it is by my side unconditionally.

Chaos or Order, may your intention be your force.

We have been unsettled by the worldwide events this last year. The change is universal, it is happening deeply in our homes. The way we were used to live is not anymore. Observe how your routine a year ago has been transformed. Our daily habits have been put in the spotlight. We have been asked and guided to change our ways.

Our life is made of habits which thankfully are creationg a structure and a base to develop from. You know it is about our boundaries. Your routine is the space you create for your own freedom. Would we feel free if we didn’t have limits? Would we feel safe if we didn’t have boundaries? Limits, rules, boundaries, structure, train track or fences, it is all the same and it is about authority.

What is authority and how does it manifest for my own?

Authority is a strong word because it triggers the idea of discipline and all your childhood is revived. How we have been raised is a path of discipline. Our parents and our education has been setting theses rules for our development. Rules that guided our way. Rules that made us feel safe.

I really encourage you to observe your relationship with the concepts of discipline, authority and connect it with the concept of safety and freedom. Play with how it feels, with the story of your life and all that comes up tou your mind. It may feel awful and disgusting, it may feel wrong and castrating, whatever it feels, observe how it feels this way.

I believe discipline is beautiful. I thi k it is the most important support in my life. Without my discipline, I would be all over the place, I would be lost and confused in a reality I dislike. But to get to this love relationship with discipline it took me work, a lot of self-work. It was a time I was thinking otherwise. That’s why I am talking about it today because our “normality” has crumbled and it is in our power to keep destructing what doesn’t work anymore and co-create our new structures of living, at home and in our society.

The way you feel is what guides your way.

You are the one holding your power of creation. The way you vibrate now triggers your next step, and again, and again, infinitely. And at every step you have the choice to keep going the same way or create a new way. Even if sometimes it feels imposed by the outside events, know that you are the one experiencing life so you can adjust your vision and your habits to adapt. Yes, it is about adaptation. We all have the capacity to adapt.

I let you play with all of that. You create your vision.

Discover here my vision of self-discipline.

How you adapt is your choice.

In this month of January, be close to your self-discipline. Observe where it needs to be changed and how you can adapt with comfort and compassion.

Set your intention to hold your vision.

An article about your power of choice.

Remember to love yourself no matter what.

May peace be with you,

I love you,


PS : In January the sun is in the sign of Capricorn, to explore more about this January energy, I invite you to read my last year article here.

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