Energies December 2020

This month of December 2020 starts with the enlightenment of the full moon (November 30th). A full moon eclipse that opens the second eclipse portal of this year. the portal will close with the new moon solar eclipse on December 14th. This month of December is a new turn for all of us. A breakthrough is happening for the new paradigm to settle in our life.

It feels like this month we’re packing up the past to step light and clear into the new. It’s exactly like when you’re moving home, you have to take the time to pack, clean and organise, it’s a journey of going through all your stuff and decide what you keep or not in regards of your new life. It is emotional and a strong feeling of home is felt.

December is also christmas month, a celebration of our inner light and our family strenght. It’s inner child time! Discover here my vision of Xmas.


This 2020 year has been an awakening year, the pressure put on us by life has enhanced our own inner pressure: our negative thinking, our controlled perfectionism, our over-achieving mindset, our fear, our judgment, etc. It also made us face our own health and how we deal with ourselves as a community. Thanks to the virus outbreak, all is coming out.

The truth is still unveiling as we speak. This is a big year of revelations!

Going through our shadows is painful but it is a necessary process of letting go. When you move out and you go through all these old memories, it triggers an emotional release. Because to close our past we have to allow it to be the past. When we carry on stuck emotions and obsolete thoughts, it is weighing on us and creates a resistance to our realization.

A farewell is emotional. We may feel nostalgia for our past, a life we have created with efforts and perseveration, it’s not easy to let go of what we’re used too. Know that all you’ve accomplished is with you and your experience being within you will carry all your new endeavors.

You have done great and will renew greater!

Mid-month, on December 14th, we have a new moon and total solar eclipse (visible Argentina/Chile) which will close the eclipse portal. This new moon will help us set our intentions clear to step into the new. The energies will strengthen our determination to create our new reality. I will share with you its message on time.

On December 21st, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens. This a rare event (every 20 years) and I invite you to remember this date to watch our sky (after sunset, look west above the horizon). All year, we have seen these two planets dancing close by in the sky and their closeness has been of great influence in 2020.

Let’s appreciate the magic of our life!

A full moon on December 30th will enlighten the decisions made this month. Our new year is going to start with us feeling brighter and stronger.

This month of December is a good-bye month. We are saying good-bye to a life that doesn’t exist anymore. We are gathering our essentials to embark on a new adventure, the creation of our new life.

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More inspiration :

To navigate this month’s energies feeling confortable and safe, focus on grounding and centering yourself.

I love you,


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