Energy report – End of January 2022

A rollercoaster game…

I invite you to have a look at the January astro transits and observe the movements acting this month.
Capricorn seems to be the playground.

A bit of astro and a lot of personal feelings.

– Mercury was in, then moved to Aquarius where it started its retrograde period which will bring it back to Capricorn (explanation about the retrograde effect, see link below). It’s like we are guided into our new evolved way of communicating and guided to applied it into our ground straight away.

“That’s my vision of how I want to relate so I am expressing it loudly now. I am not playing games of said and unsaid, assuming what you say or how you’ll react to what I say…I am done with complication, I desire lightness and clarity in my communication so I do. I realize it’s innovative to tell you how I feel, especially because sometimes I just don’t know what’s happening but aren’t we all experiencing this life ? So here I am innovating with my words and my way to relate.
Day by Day. Interaction by interaction. I don’t wait to understand my process to share with you. My perfection resides in my acceptation of life as an experience in evolution.”

– Venus is still retrograding in Cap.

– Mars was in sag, super activated to evolve too. The third and last fire boost of the zodiac wheel. The Aries energy has transformed, it has more maturity now to act on what it truly desire by exploring the unknown confident in its movement. Mars doesn’t need to know what he is going to find, its essence is acting forward. Sag is guiding it to explore new and expand.
And as the sun is leaving Aquarius, mars is going into Capricorn. Bringing with it it’s fire active energy.

Honestly stop thinking and keep acting. Capricorn is shaking us up. Our ground is evolving under our feet and we have no idea how it is re-shaping itself. Rollercoaster or earthquake, everyone can choose their own image. Our ground is morphing and this includes us as physical human beings. Don’t forget your brain is materiality too. Your thoughts are created by your human self. So caring for your body is also caring for your thoughts and as the ground is mutating, your thoughts might be all over the place ? The old self coming up to the surface again because its root is still alive. It is still alive because it is part of who you are now so it is for you to put back all of your parts in their right place.
The evolved you observing all of that movement inside perplexed of the “again” confrontation of your past ways and thoughts. If you have dealt with it before, please trust yourself and transform the “brought back from the old you” thoughts with your new intelligence and way of being. Yes you might dwell into it again but as soon as you realise your dwelling, take back your power of authority and get out.
You don’t have to implement all your thoughts. Choose the ones that support you to keep going forward and nourish these ones. As authority can be oppressive and castrating, be the evolved way of authority.

What kind of authority do you want to be ?

It is for us to innovate and create a new authority. Especially if you are like me observing how our humanity is going insane : fear, shame, panic, anxiety, death as hope, etc.
My hope in our future has been shaken too. And I am not saying to have grand ideas but to simply remember that it is a progression of events that create change. And sometimes it feels incredibly weird and unsettling so remember we are many acting for our evolution. We are many taking steps everyday to anchor our new way and our vision of community.

Life is today.

Remember new is already here, we are already evolving in it.
Our new evolved paradigm is birthing every day more. We simply have to trust and experience our day the way we wish to.
I choose peace, love, joy and community. I also choose to remove myself from environment and people that resist. Many of us have the possibility to change place, so instead of creating a sense of being stuck. Accept the change and move with it. Nothing is permanent. Many of us have the possibility to change the space they live in too, by creating a strong light grid in their home, by switching off all internet feed that oppress them, by choosing whom they want to interact with, etc.

Be open to receive what you have access too.

You have authority for yourself so embrace it and apply it creatively.
Focus on your body, focus on your home, care for your community.
Caring can be a thought, a smile, a local purchase, a message to a friend far away, etc.

Keep it simple.

What is living in community ?
What kind of community do I want to be part of ?
How am I taking action today to be it already ?

Keep it simple. Be here now. Trust your body to guide you.
Practice self awareness and kindness.

More of this, with details and motivation, on my telegram channel :

I love you,

Mercury retrograde 2022

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