Ego talks your language

Your ego talks your language. It is using the language you understand. If this one is not satisfying you, learn new languages.

Your words have power.

Your ego, your self, is using the tools of communication you have on offer to express itself. Ego loves tricking us with our own tricks so beware to not get lost in temptation. As well don’t let Ego be influenced by what doesn’t inspire you. Ego can sometimes imitate and copy without thinking.

You have the control of your communication.

Our ways of communication are multiple, our nowadays world offers us so many tools to express it’s incredible. And I can tell you once you start opening yourself to creative expression, you open the door to your self-development.

Creative expression is you expressing your self.

We are all unique with a unique mind, nonetheless if we are not allowing our own voice the freedom to express, we are blocking ourselves from being who we are. You can appreciate how kids behave and express themselves with any tools they find at their disposition. We are the same except we have conditioned ourselves to deny our creativity and force a behavior on us.

Languages of your mind are infinite. Words have their own multiplicity of languages. And there are also numbers and colours and symbolisms and more languages. We create new ones all the time. It’s all up to you to choose which languages you desire to integrate.

Own your vocabulary.

The words and expressions you are using are yours. Observe how we have the habit to use automatically our words and how it can affect our unique expression.

Your ego is saying to you the words you resonate with. It is communicating with you in your own language. To take ownership of your “words” and expressions, start by observing how you talk. Become conscious of your way of using words. From your observations, explore the meanings of the words and expressions you are using and if it correlates with your intention of communication. Then decide what you wish to keep and what you wish to let go of. Learn new ways to say how you feel and how you see.

Take the time to re-design your way of communicating with words.

I am my own master.

Remember you are your inner voice.

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