What is the Ego #2 – I observe my duality

My ego is showing me my inside. It’s the voice of my self. Ego #1, Click here.

This ego can be confusing and annoying and when we start noticing our inner voice, it shows us our truth.

How do I talk to myself?

How do I treat myself?

How do I see myself?

All words coming from yourself are transmitted and received by and from you.

If what you hear inside doesn’t please you, it’s time to change it.

How to work on my ego? You address it.

Listen to its message and observe how it makes you feel.

See how your inner voice is influencing you.

After dwelling in one ego reality, it’s time now to observe its opposite.

What other possibility of thoughts can you observe?

How your ego could be other-way?

What else could you tell yourself?

Observing an opposite possibility takes you into a new reality of self.

You are one and you observe you can be another one.

This is duality. We always have another possibility to choose from.

From these two points of view, you learn that you can create a new way of thinking for yourself.

Now what reality would you create for yourself?

Which words would you like to tell and hear from yourself?

Your vocabulary has its importance here. You see the message is the same and how we translate it to ourselves is the difference.

Creating your new vocabulary contributes to changing your thoughts pattern.

For example, instead of saying I am not scared, say I am safe.

One way is keeping you attached to fear, the other is opening you to a new way of being.

The negativity is shown in our words.

Another example: I am not like her, she is better transformed into I am unique and I am inspired by other’s beauty.

What I want to say is it’s not about being positive or negative. This polarity is attached to temperatures, numbers, grammar, etc. Your feelings are what they are so don’t condemn them.

Be aware of the words your using in and out. Seek opening and supportive ways of thinking to transform from closing and blocking ways of thinking.

Working on your ego is working on your thoughts. Of course the ego is a product of our mind.

More about our mindset and vocabulary: Observe your speech, Stop being sorry, Saying thank you.

Remember to enjoy the process.

Ego love you.

Next step: What is the ego #3


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