Distance Reading

A distance reading is a holistic practice to connect to someone energetically to feel their being and receive the messages of their self. The intention is to transmit the messages of your soul.

Receiving your story from a Light and Love perspective can trigger magic within you.

A distance energy reading is a gift of Love & Light for oneself.

How does it work?

When I connect with your energy field, I access how you feel. It allows me to assess your inner flow and detect where tensions and resistances are at play within you. This way I open the channel of communication with your being – soul, body, spirit and mind – to receive its messages.

How do I proceed to “read you”?

Before I connect with you, I ground, center and clear my energies. Once I am settled, I call upon the angels and my spirit team of love and light to enhance my energy field. Then, I connect with you and open the channel of communication with your being.

I feel, hear, see, receive…

Then I come back to me and guide my interpretation with the mediums of the Chakra Language, Physiology, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Oracle cards, and more.

How to “be read”?

Once you have accepted the reading, you simply have to be yourself, your spirit/soul/Self will be ready to chat with me once I connect. Without you accepting to be read, I won’t proceed to the reading, which means I do not do readings for someone else than the person concerned by the reading.

How do you get your reading?

After the reading, I send you a fully detailed report including what I received from your being, my analysis and the messages channeled for you. A reading is an energy work that’s why I also include tips and practices to guide you integration.

I will also record a voice channelled guidance for you. You will receive an audio file to download.

What are the benefits of an energy reading?

Receiving a reading is a support on your path of self realization. It enlightens where you’re at and offers you a deeper connexion with your higher self. My interpretation report is especially channeled to activate your inner light and guide your way. It will spark clarity, confidence and stability. Our intention is your harmony.

Receiving a reading shines a new light on your journey.

How to get a reading with me ?

Contact me to know my availability, I will be able to tell you how many days to receive your reading.

Upon our agreement, I will ask you to send me a few infos about yourself.

Then I will communicate with your Self and Spirits.

You will receive a full written report with an audio guidance note.

The price for my work is 333€.

More ways to contact me here.

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