2019 December New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Do your own way

Selamat lovers of life

What a ride we are on! I am being taken in many directions while feeling like I’m following my own direction. I have witnessed this phenomena of detours for many around me and I also talk about it in my last report here.

FYI: The new moon is happening at 6am UTC on December 26th, 2019. The eclipse is visible in the east and if you’d like to know more about that, you can click here.

Let’s chat about it.

How are you feeling now?

The way you feel is your own guidance of what’s happening now. I want to clarify this as we are talking about the sky, the numerology, the new decade starting, what the tarot is telling us, etc. There are many ways to observe what’s happening and every moment teaches us something new and something we already seems to know. We can tell infinite stories about now.

And no one can tell your story better than you.

Today I want to talk about leadership. One of our spiritual leaders has ended his human incarnation yesterday and I want to thank him for showing himself publicly all these years. I don’t know a lot about Ram Dass but I know he is loved and followed by many. I know he inspired many to make a change in their lives. I am grateful for his leadership.

Inspired by Ram Dass, I invite you to reflect on what is being a leader.

Perfect timing as this new moon is in Capricorn, an earth and cardinal sign in astrology, a mountain goat in the animal realm, the sign of the beginning of the year in our Gregorian calendar and surely more I don’t know about yet. You see the energies you feel are translated in many ways.

As I enjoy translating the languages of life we are now going to observe Capricorn as a mountain goat. I like learning from what I can see.

Have you observed mountain goats? They have this incredible ability to make their way into the craziest spots. Capricorn resonates with achievement and it makes me reflect on how I understand achievement. Because if I look at how society pressures me with achievement, I honestly don’t feel this way about it. The goat doesn’t seem pressured to go where it wants to go. Surely it is choosing extreme places to go eat and rest but I don’t see anyone pushing the goat to go there.

Achievement is not about pressuring yourself.

The goat is not questioning its every move, it is simply going step by step. And every step is leading it to a new place, a new destination. And when it feels comfortable in one spot it stays until it wants to change spot. Goats seem good to find their own space as weird as they seem (yes because this little tiny rock on the side of the mountain is a bit extreme no?)

It requires patience of action to get where we feel like going. Every step if made slowly allows us clarity. It also makes us enjoy its achievement. Because every step we take towards our destination is an achievement. And success is aknowledging our achievements.

I recognize myself. Who I was and who I am.
Where I go is the game of now.

I don’t know my destination and I trust the power of my intention.

I do me now

We are living a revolution. The world is on fire, the powers in place are crumbling with their lies being revealed. We are observing how our said-to-be leaders are reacting to what’s happening. An illusion is being lifted for all of us. And illusion rhymes with desillusion. We are being faced with a new truth. And this can trigger a lot of emotional reaction within you. It’s good to address all you feel about what’s happening in seeing it as coming from inside of you. Yes you are reacting to an outside situation but this specific reaction is yours and has to do with yourself. Some of us are not reacting the same. We actually are all living this worldly situation our own way.

That’s what we are being asked for now: to do our own way. If we want the change to happen we have to be the leaders to implement it in our reality.

Yes leadership is within all of us. We are all our own leaders. You make your own way in this life like the goat climbing the mountain. And every step is an achievement on its own. When we step into a new way of doing it can be hard because of many reasons and resistances.

Creating our new is breaking free from what was before.

Let’s recenter on you.

You are your own leader for what you want your life to be. And I believe if we all follow how we feel and learn how to be with each other with love and compassion, we will achieve way more than we think we can.

I don’t think the goat is planing to get to this tiny rock over there. I think the goat appreciates every one of its steps and when it steps somewhere it doesn’t like, it makes another step to go to a new spot. But every step the goat takes is because it feels like taking it: if it feels like resting it does, if it feels like eating it does, if it feels like pooing it does, if it feels like whatever, it does.

We don’t know where we are going. We don’t know what’s going to happen with our society changing. What we know is how we feel and want to feel. What we know is what happened before and what is here and now.

Our nature evolves at every now.

So if you are inspired by some leaders, bring it inside of you. What you see in them is within you too. And it doesn’t mean you have to express it their way, what it means is do you. Because how you choose to think and behave is yours.

By being strong in doing how you feel, you inspire. By doing you now, you allow yourself to open new doors of possibility.

I know all can feel scary because we don’t know. And this fear is a word you put on a feeling. I invite you to observe the feeling and translate it with new words.

Our society is changing and we are the new leaders. We have been lied and lead by people driven by their non functional egos. That’s how it happened and it’s a good time to learn from it and step into something we believe in instead of yelling against it.

Create your own solution.

Be the creator you are.

No pressure. You are your own guide and I can’t tell you how to make your next step. My only wish is for you to do how you feel like doing. Personnally I enjoy sharing time with people acting like themselves and not reproducing a pressure or a supposed to be doing behaviour like something…yes it’s confusing because it doesn’t come from you but it is copied from outside.

How do you feel now?

I feel like doing me.

I love you and trust you.


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