Death & Rebirth

November 1st, Today is a magic new beginning day.

We’ve been chatting about making choices, following our desires, deserving what we want, accepting our own love and allowing ourselves to express what we want. We are all going through a phase of change. And if you are not observing it happening yet, well it’s time to open your eyes inside of you and see what’s happening for yourself

So you decide to create a change for yourself and day after day you are making steps following your desire. Accepting what is and working towards the new you want in your life.

One day feeling at bliss and one day feeling freaked out. Doubts and fears are rising to enable us to heal. We observe, we breathe, we learn from the past resurfacing. Yes it can be overwhelming to have old memories popping up in our minds while we have this strong feeling of stepping into the new.

Why am I thinking about this situation from years ago?

Because you are now healing and creating new for yourself. So observe what comes up inside of yourself and allow it to come out.

This is a time of death and rebirth. Death and rebirth are one. They dance with each other. For your rebirth you need to allow yourself to die. Yes it all sounds very logic but living it is a new experience. We discover the new us step by step. The new us experiences life in a new way. All is new, all is exciting.


Oh my god…it’s happening…



Remember who you are. Remember to nurture yourself, mind and body during this change and always.

Allow yourself to rest if you feel tired. Allow your mind to let go of the thoughts that doubt.

Allow yourself to take the time to enjoy the old being released and the new unveiling itself.

Celebrate yourself. What you have accomplished and what you are stepping into now. Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate your actions. Celebrate who you are now 💖

Ride with the flow of life smiling and laughing. Share yourself with your friends and family.

Feel the love and support. Be grateful for what you had, what you have and what you will have. Express gratitude at every step.

Remember, we are rising together ⚡

To Explore:

Numerology: Today is 1-11 All these 1’s 😍. New beginning, support from your angel, wholeness.

Astrology: The sun is in Scorpio, archetype of death and rebirth, a water sign going deep into its cycles.

Celebration of Samain: To find out more, look up “celebration of Samain” online.

More Inspiration:

Embody gratitude 🙏

I love you and support you on your journey 🕉️


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