Story – Boots, Sexy & Daydream

You wear your boots each time you step outside. No barefooting around anymore, it’s a time for socks and boots…I am experiencing winter in Europe. And surprisingly many situations are similar to my life in the tropics. I am letting myself being transported in my memories of my experience of life in Cambodia.

Come with me…

I’m at my friend and she has an old house where the toilets are outside. It’s winter and I’m wearing my boots each time I step outside. While seating on the toilets I had a vision of myself at home in Cambodia during rainy season. We have ultra humid days and everything gets moldy as well as the laundry never seems to dry. That’s why I’ve adopted the boots. My big red transparent plastic boots are the best during rainy season. I was driving in town one day and spotted this new Chinese supermarket. My spirit of adventure lead me to stop and explore this new foreign shop. It’s always a pleasure to visit Asian shops, they have everything you don’t expect. If you want to experience the local culture, go to the markets and the shops where you are observe the daily life. One of my favorite game in unknown lands.

Visiting this new Chinese supermarket, I was enjoying the discovery of items my imagination didn’t know about. From the weird flavoured noodles to the extravagant colours of the sweets, I would wander in household items. My body following the flow of the moment, I was now in front of these big red boots. I wanted big boots, the ones at the market are too low and I wanted a more adapted size to my own body size. The colour was very attractive too. Transparent and red, this made them so cool. I tried and bought them in the blink of an eye. I’ve been wearing them a lot. I even folded them during sunny days, I felt sexy walking with them.

My top one sexy sign is comfort and I feel at ease and free in these boots

It’s interesting how a simple item of our daily life can become a partner. I built a relationship with my red sexy boots. I love them but I don’t need them to feel confident. This special item can become an important part of our everyday life. A supportive relationship can be created between me and my boots when I keep my independence. I know I am independent of them because I’ve been barefoot the years before and always enjoyed it. This boots brought me a new dimension I didn’t experience before. They were keeping me dryer during the wet season. I am grateful we got together. I felt more comfortable having my feet cleaner than usual. I am usually full of mud and dirt waking around barefoot.

I enjoyed learning something new and observing my body feeling good wearing them. We need to make ourselves comfortable, don’t we? Our bodies are talking to us in infinite ways. Every move we initiate is showing us how we are feeling. Our actions are guided by our emotions.

The signs are everywhere and when we start noticing them our path brightens. Allowing ourselves to be guided so we are more comfortable in our experience of life. That’s what’s happening when you awaken. You become conscious of the signs and how life is sending you messages.

The self work is supportive of this process of awakening. When I work on myself I spend time busy for myself. You know when you work on a special project, all your focus is on this specific project. You are going for it full on. This is how you become busy with yourself.

You focus on you. What do I feel? What do I want?

You start observing your imbalances and initiating the change. This motion of change is showing you new perspectives on life. You start looking at yourself with different eyes. The process is activating the transformation. Then you step into learning about your self-care. We observe the body to understand how it feels. We experience different diets to purify which teaches us about what our body and mind like or not. We see clearer that we have been in contradiction with ourselves. Making our body do while not wanting to do.

Our awakening is about noticing the details of our life. It is about allowing our mind to contemplate and connect.

I was in Belgium in winter wearing my snow boots and this specific moment transported me into another reality of my life: wet season in Cambodia.

Allow yourself the space to daydream.

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