Cycles Update ~ Entering Sagittarius season – End of November 2019

Our sun is now in the house of Saggitarius, Nov. 23rd – Dec. 21st/Solstice. Before it was in Scorpio (read here) and after it will ingress into Capricorn. The wheel of life keeps turning ☸️.

We are also starting this new cycle with a new moon. Tuesday 26th November, the moon will ingress Saggitarius and meet the sun at 4 degrees in. (Every section is 30 degrees).

It’s like the moon is joining the sun to kick-start this new cycle.

How do you feel?

This Scorpio season has been intense… we’re talking about death and rebirth here. The Scorpian energies took us into our deep emotional realm. In order to keep going towards our direction we have to assess where we’ve been, where we’re at and how we feel about it. It’s a process of facing our truth and letting go of what we don’t want anymore.

It was also Mercury retrograde (Oct 31st – Nov 20th). A period to reassess how we communicate with ourself, outwards and with which tools.

So this past three/four weeks took us into an inner emotional ride.

Have you faced your truth? Have you listened to the messages? Have you done your self-work?

If you are not feeling it right now it means you have been resisting the change. If you block the water from flowing, it will create pressure. Water symbolises your emotions and water flows. Your emotions want to be let free to come and go. So if you are feeling uncomfortable in your life right now, observe that you are resisting your own flow.

What are you holding on to?

*For the ones that have difficulties:

Stop doing what you’re doing and observe your pattern of behaviour. There is something that you’re doing naturally/unconsciously that’s is not healthy for you. What are you repeating again and again? Does this behaviour support your growth?

It’s time to let go. Letting go means just drop it. Say no to this way of behaving and bring in a new behaviour to support your transition.

Stop holding onto something bringing you pain.

*If you have let it flow during this Scorpio season you may feel lighter and also excited for your future.

We are coming out of this Scorpio season with a new clarity about ourself and a new energy to take action towards our direction.

Let’s talk about Saggitarius ♐. It’s a mutable fire sign. Fire is consuming and moving, mutable is this ability to change, to transform. Its symbol is an arrow and that’s how it feels. I see it as an energy of going towards a set direction.

This season is about FOCUS.

“I have done the work of cleansing what doesn’t serve me anymore, I have let go of old patterns of behaviours and it creates new space within myself. Now I am confident on what I want and I am setting my actions towards the direction I want to take for my future.”

I shoot higher.

It’s interesting because with Scorpio we are dwelling in the deep waters and Sagittarius feels like a magic arrow we shoot to take us out of the depths and into the light.

Nonetheless, it is taking its time. When you are diving under water coming up to the surface is done slowly and with care. And if you want to come out you have to set your direction upwards.

Sagittarius is about the actions you’re taking. It’s a feiry energy and to connect more with it I invite you to observe this element of fire.

I always feel Sag. as this bright and light energy taking everything around in its movement. Let’s go for it!

By doing you, you inspire others.

I follow my heart and express myself.

That’s doing you. As we chatted about in the November updates: raising your voice means expressing how you feel; no pressure, no jugdment. Simply you now.

I know it’s not always easy to show our vulnerabilities because we have been raised in a society where vulnerability is not accepted as a strenght. Our society has been separating two spirits that belong to each other.

Your vulnerability is your strenght because you are learning from it and growing from it. How do we become strong without being challenged?

The coin has two sides 😉

To strive forward we have to go for it with all we have, our mistakes and our successes. Embracing your vulnerabilities as your strenght and your strenght as your vulnerabilities creates your whole.


A lot is happening, I know you’re feeling it too and some of us get dispersed with the intensity of the energies. It’s ok.

Drop the pressure.

You are coming out of the water after all 😉

Whatever you’re in the process of achieving for yourself, be gentle. Life is a process and joy comes from appreciating every moment of living. Sometimes we feel in and sometimes we feel out. That’s how it is and that’s how we learn so much about everything. So it’s ok to sometimes do a step sideways, it’s ok to experience something away from your ordinary. As long as you self care and support yourself in all situations, you are safe. The path ahead is always taking you into surprising turns. Trust yourself to be here for yourself no matter what.

Always self care 🤗

Remember you are not alone, share with your loved ones and allow them to be here for you as you like being here for them.

It is a feel good season so enjoy yourself going for your new point of focus. Take it all there with you.

I wish you a rewarding new cycle 🔥

Let’s chat soon,

I love you 💚

Océanie 🙏

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