Cycles Update ~ Entering December 2019

Dear human family,

It’s been a ride these last two years. Woof!Paf!Boom! It’s been changing for all of us. To follow the flow, I invite you to read the last cycles update here.

So, how do you feel now?

Take three deep breaths.

Now let’s chat.

Welcome to a new month!

I am always thrilled by the new coming our way. Of course it’s always happening, however, I find it important to take a moment to receive the new month opening its doors to us.

I know you’re feeling it too, this new life blooming for you. You’ve been asking for it, you’ve been working for it and making the changes to make it happen for yourself. And now it is unfolding…

We are aware that we can’t predict what’s going to happen in details. Life is unpredictable and is granting us with surprises all along our path.

Whatever path you are on now: healing, recovering, discovering, setting up new projects, birthing a baby, grieving, etc. It is part of your path of life. As life cycles at its own rythm, we are also cycling at our own rythm. There is no need to compare yourself to the others and judge yourself harshly. You are where you are and that’s not only good enough, it is where you’re supposed to be.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Life is an experience made of experiences. Every step is a continuity of the steps made before. We are progressing from the past to the future at every moment. The present is growing here and now. It’s a funny thing to say as growth is a movement forward and the concept of here and now seems to call for stillness. Life is tricky.

We are here breathing. Inspiring and exhaling. In and out again and again and again…days and nights, young and old. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you are breathing. All together connecting with this one simple act of breathing.

Our nature is our common ground. This earthy base is supporting our growth into who we are. We are like the flowers growing and as every flower our blossom is unique.

I am unique.

Our speciality resides in how we express ourselves. Who you are shows in your thoughts, your words and your actions. When we are in contact of others, we can judge our specialties. Here judgment is not to condemn but in the contrary, it is an appreciation of our unique selves. Not to know if you’re worthy or not, enough or not, not at all (you are worth it and enough). We are together to bring what we have to the whole. And what you have is you. You are perfect the way you are. You are here to be you.

Remember to do you. You are a bringer of light. You are love.

I do me

December is a month of celebration for many cultures so do that: celebrate!

I am sharing my vision of the Christmas period here.

You are a miracle of life, a creation of love.

I know we all have a different childhood, nurturing or not. If you are reading these words now it means you have been nurtured and you are alive. No matter the way it happened, today you are a living breathing loving being.

I am inviting you to see your birth as an expression of love.

I am love.

This point of view of yourself is opening the doors to your own care. You deserve to be treated for who you are. So treat yourself with care and compassion. Celebrate your beauty in your every move.

Self-care is an act of love.

Inspire love and exhale love. Bring in the love for yourself. This way you will shine love for others too.

As we inspire the outside, if the outside is loving and caring, I am inspiring it. I am inspired by it.

If we stand as loving and caring beings, we are changing our environment into a caring and loving place. Because the people around us will breathe in our love.

I believe in self-care as being an ingredient for our growth for a brighter future.

It’s working for me and I have faith in myself.

I want you to see yourself with the eyes of love, I want you to know you are loved for who you are. You are loved even with your worst and your wrong. You are loved for all of you.

Allow yourself to express who you are inside. You are feeling it, you are hearing your inner voice. Whatever it is saying, express. Express for you, express to others, that’s up to you. I am not asking you to go in the streets shout out your deeper feelings. I am asking you to stage yourself in your own space.

Do you for you.

Celebrate yourself for yourself first. This is no Instagram here, this is reality now with yourself.

Know that you are not alone. I am here celebrating myself too and I know many are doing it too. So maybe your environment doesn’t seem into self care but it’s only because they don’t know, they don’t dare. Remember before being you now, you were you before. Did your past self self-care?…we are learning at our own rythm.

I appreciate myself.

December is offering us a renewal energy. It’s a moment to explore your new self, to discover who you are as a loving being. Go experiment new activities. Go for it and you’ll see how it feels. Play with what life offers. A walk outside, a cup of herbal tea, a new journal, a massage, a drawing, singing a made up song, playing in a fountain, gazing at a bird flying, smelling the rain, hearing the snow,.., everything is here for you.

Welcome to the new!

I love you and thank you for your presence.


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