Rising up to Full Moon & mid-October 2019

I’m sitting on my balcony, enjoying the music of the rain and the darkness of the sky. I’m contemplating. My mind is free to explore. I inspire the messages I receive and translate them thanks to many languages. Here is how I feel:

This week, I had the vision of the Tower card in Tarot. My deck shows a tower with fire going on and people going out in many ways. It’s a bit everywhere, it feels sudden. This card carries the energy of revolution.

I feel a wind of change is passing through. A deep revolution within ourselves. We’ve been in a transition for some time now. We stepped into the new in many ways and this week we are shown our truth. Is it what I really want or am I making stories to do otherway?

What do I want?

When big changes happen in our life, we experience a transition period. A moment in time when we feel this freedom of choice. The possibility to choose the new we want.

A sense of new freedom is blowing through.

This fresh air offering a moment of rest to reset. A quiet time we can enjoy to focus on us and work on our different projects. The change is like the wind blowing. It passed through and takes you with it until it sets. Change is a process, it is creating movement in your life. See yourself as a fish or a boat flowing along the river. You are going somewhere but you don’t know how the way is going to be. And you need to keep your balance in this unknown path.

This week is full of changes:

*After being retrograde since end of April 2019, Pluto is now going direct since the begining of the month. Pluto is in the house of Capricorn.

Observe how you were feeling back in April. What were your intentions?

* Venus ingressed into the house of Scorpio on October 10th (10/10). After being in Libra for around 3 weeks, Venus is now taking the lessons learned with her to go through a new cycle. Venus is the planet associated with beauty and money.

How do you value yourself in your actions?

*October 10th is symbolic in numerology because it brings the vibration of the number 10 twice. I see 10 as a new begining. The one is starting a new cycle bringing with it the experience of the last cycle. It’s an evolution. This number has an active energy: it is doing actively.

What new actions have you taken recently?

*The moon transited through Capricorn where she met the new direct Pluto (and Saturn). Then she transited into Pisces where she is meeting Neptune. Neptune is home so the energy of Pisces is strong and clear. Their energy resonates with intuition, clairevoyance and dreams. Remember you’re flowing with the river going for your dreams without knowing the way. A Pisces is confident in its intuition and its vision. It’s going for it in its own way, step by step finding its way in the infinite ocean.

These transits are making waves within us. Maybe you are feeling a sudden tension around and within you. Maybe you’re observing your mind being dispersed. But at the same time you’re being active towards your dreams. You’re doing something new and experiencing how it feels.

I am creating my balance

A lot of action is happening: new opportunities, new destination, new work, new home, new people. Of course it is destabilising. We are being asked to create our new balance step by step experiencing different possibilities. Allow yourself to try new before you make excuses not to. Sometimes we just have to go for it. We allow ourselves to experience then we can asses if it’s what we want or not. Always remember you are free to be. You can choose to change if you don’t feel free where you are now.

I am doing me.

The energies are rising and the full moon brings messages of truth. We are seeing ourselves more clearly day by day. It can feel like a lightening brightening the dark sky. A lightening is always surprising. It’s the same with “Ha Ha” moments so simply live your days following your flow and life will bring the messages to you.

I trust my flow

Then the moon transits into Aries where she will be opposite the sun, this is the Full Moon alignement. Moon in a fire house and Sun in an air house. We chat soon about this full moon, in the meantime you can do some homework:

Contemplate the interactions of fire and air.

To listen: Observe & Chat #10 – Balance (funny it brings again the vibration of 10 for this new style podcast 😉😂)

The last energy update here.

Enjoy now,

I love you 💙

Océanie 🙏

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