November 2019 – NEW ACTIONS

We are coming out of a powerful new moon.

How was your weekend? How are you feeling these days?

The universe is leading our way to the new. A new way of being is emerging for all of us. We want the change and we are the ones to act for it.

The question is how you want the new to feel?

We can’t predict what’s going to happen for us but we can choose which direction we want for our life.

If you want better, act for it.

Act for it in the way you want your future to be.

You can’t expect a better future if you’re initiating your change with unhealthy habits, violence, anger guilt, dependance, addiction, etc…

Think about it.

Act with compassion.

Personally, this new moon has been a game changer for me. After this month of October and reflecting on my value (read last few articles), I set my new direction. I feel like I am upgrading myself. I’m taking new steps to be better, to reach higher.

I observed where I was still blocking myself and I am taking action to change, meaning I am creating new habits:

No more smoking – no more meat – no more “cheapest way” – no more trying to push my online presence – no more self-doubts – etc.

I do how I feel now

I want higher standards so I make them happen already. I can’t expect others to do and wait for it to happen anymore. It’s not easy…sometimes I feel so out of the mainstream I have difficulties to feel connected to the people around me. Thanks to that, I am growing stronger and wiser because I am taking actions to make myself comfortable in all situations.

I know it’s challenging to step into the new, I am doing it too 😉.

One of my friend is guiding people to discover their own pleasure and she was talking about her as an activist. (See what she does here). She is right and I feel like one too. I am an activist in doing things in a different way, in a new way. A way I create as I go. I am learning from the past and stepping into the unknown behaving differently than before.

Yes to the new!

All I was doing before, I changed. I am awakening eyes and heart wide open at every now.

Don’t you think it’s your responsibility to be better? To feel better? To do better?

It’s time to raise your voice.

Your voice being who you are. Remember how you express yourself reflects your inside.

I’ve been feeling tired recently and I realised I was repeating myself, I felt pushy for a moment. I observed and I learned. Now my message is clear, my intention is clear so I’m going to take a new step.

I am listening to my body and mind and I am taking this month of November to withdraw myself from my online presence. This will allow me to strenghten my physical presence. This will allow me to focus on creating new. And I love changing my habits so this new challenge feels like a funny game to play!

I learned that when I separate from what I am used to do, I see clearer why/how I am doing it and why/how I want to do it. So stepping away from internet will enlight me. I know that because that’s how I live my life.

I am not in and out or wandering on the bridge I wish to cross, I am leaping with faith. And I have been going this way for some time now. Magic is the word I choose to describe what’s happening for me since I am on the other side of the bridge. And I love it!

You want something different, take action now.

Be active in creating your dream.

Open your eyes and look up, you’ll see new.

It’s time for the change. The world is on fire, my inside is on fire too. I choose to not take my inner rage out to you but to take a moment to channel it into sustainable actions.

A revolution is going on and I choose to not loose myself in violence. That’s not the world I want to live in. As I tell you in my vision, I want unity in harmony.

I apply to me first.

The responsibility is yours. Be smarter with yourself first.

You do you now.

And allow yourself to ask for help. Don’t wait to be in total distress, we are here with each other and we are all going through life so share how you feel and allow the others to care for you like you would do for them.

Let’s trust each other and create a new way of interaction.

Take new actions now!

I love you,

Océanie 🙏

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